Help! Highland wear. Best Place to hire? Ideas Appreciated!

Hi all!

My H2b is really keen on wearing Highland wear all in black (Full kit)

Would be great if any of you could recommend anywhere. We are currently looking at Young's Hire as their offer is rather good (hire four groom goes free) Which is fab as we are having seven in total! but have found the only problem is that they don't have any samples to try on in-store in their Highland Wear range. Ideally H2b would rather see how its all going to look before booking although I'm sure he'll look gorgeous!!

Any suggestions?


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  • lochweddinglochwedding Posts: 64
    Moss Brothers do wedding hire and have shops across the UK if that helps... :\)
  • Thanks hun, will have look! x
  • 24may0824may08 Posts: 6
    slater menswear are v good as well, that is who we are using, you can try on when you order and also when u collect.x
  • Hi - depends on where you're based. We've used a few times and they've been so good that my H2B has actually bought his full highland outfit from there.
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    I'd second the Slaters thing - we hired from there and husband ended up buying his full Highland dress from there.

    Our base in Yorkshire didn't afford the fullest range of highland dress stockists and I was really surprised at how good Slaters were.
  • heather743heather743 Posts: 208
    My men are having all black kilts, jackets etc too. We're in Aberdeenshire and are using Gavins's, theres loads of shops in the North East of Scotland and they're really helpful. They managed to track down ties for the fathers that match the grooms ruchie (sp) tie. (fathers not in kilts).
  • Good taste heather 31/5/08!image We're based in South Wales though. image I managed to talk my Dad into wearing a kilt, he made out he wasn't keen but I think he's secretly liking the idea. hehe.

    Thank you all! Will be looking into Slaters now too, do you know if they have any offers on AmyHwasAmyO & 24may08 ? Wasn't much info on the website.

  • Mrs-McG-2bMrs-McG-2b Posts: 471
    1860 at greenwoods have a gorgeous black one
  • We've found a couple of bridal shops locally (Somerset & Devon) who use Etiquette.

    I looked at stockists of Etiquette and Cameron Ross and chose Etiquette as they do the grey spirit kilt and the colour ruche I want is in their catalogue. h2b has his own kilt, so we also wanted a company that allowed partial packages and didn't charge a damage deposit for the others (just £5 insurance). They seem to tick all the boxes and their prices are good.

    Wouldn't use Moss Bros based on poor in store service we had while enquiring. Staff were ill informed and uninterested to say the least.

    You can find Etiquette stockists at

    You can find Cameron Ross (scottish made range) at

    Hope that helps.
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    Etiquette are really good. I used to work for austin reed and thats who they used. Have visited 2different branches of moss brothers and found their customer service shit! Slaters staff are good, price is quite good too. When we looked they didn't have any offers but that was few months ago. I would be cheeky and ask for groom free. They can only say no!
  • Hey h2b is hiring his kilt from Mackenzie menswear, a wee bit expensive but they hv a huge range of kilts in store 2 try on. There website is being updated just now.

  • Burtons on the highstreet do wedding hire now too.Picked up a copy of the brochure and price list today in store.

    They do averything from top hat and tails,full highland wear and modern suits.they also have a massive range of colours in cravats etc.

    I just had a look at Debenhams online too,they do highland wear hiire and have a hire 4 get groom free offer on too.Their range looks almost identical to Burtons one and the prices and terms are identical,is it the same company?
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