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Present For My Gorgeous Bride To Be

Hi Everyone

I was surfing trying to find a present for my future bride and found this website and was hoping that someone could help.

We have been together for 11 years exactly on our wedding day, we where childhood sweethearts and I need to get her something that she will get the morning of the wedding. She has done everything and I just want a present to say thank you, something that will last. Has anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance



  • rooroo81rooroo81 Posts: 220
    I car! lol How about a gorgeous pair of diamond studs so she can wear them on the day and they will last a very long time?

    Good luck in your search!
  • InAPanicInAPanic Posts: 10
    Wow rooroo that was a quick reply, thanks but I think the car may be a bit out the price range! I was thinking about jewellery but she has alot already and wanted something really special, but unfortunately the ideas are lacking.
  • JaysgirlukJaysgirluk Posts: 205
    I would say think more along the sentiment lines that a present you can buy - something that will mean a lot to her, to you both..
  • mrsa111mrsa111 Posts: 385
    Jewllery is good, the diamond studs are a very good suggestion. Is she into designer handbags. I know i've told my h2b exactly which handbag he must get me if we every can afford it.

    Another option is to collect photos from the past 11 years and put them all together with annotations about how they remind you of her and stuff like that.

    hope you figure something out.
  • AngelmcebAngelmceb Posts: 211
    you could have a piece of jewellery that you could design made for her - that way it won't be something anyone else would have and it would be personal to you both
  • tattbagtattbag Posts: 264
    what about something that you could engrave.

    Or what is she in to - is there something that her idol could sign for her.

    I'm doing a photo album for my h2b, have a look at the bound books that you can do on asda's website - i'm leaving the last page blank with a caption leaving one 4 a nice wedding photo. Also calling it while we had different surnames!

    Good luck
  • kinky1ukkinky1uk Posts: 142
    I have printed off a picture for my H2B to carry in his jacket pocket during the wedding (he doesnt know until he puts it on) of his granparents. He has lost them both, but were a massive part of his life when he was younger. As well as that a have bought a nice piccie frame, enlarged the pic and it will sit in our living room from now on.

    Maybe you could do something like that? If not, you can never go wrong with diamonds!!!

  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    i love this idea, i'll be getting one for me to my H2B and one that he can fill in for me, we'll read them on the morning of the wedding
  • NINA97ukNINA97uk Posts: 7
    Hi I once worked with a girl who wore channel number 5, as its my fav perfume I said to her one day and she told me her husband had bought her a bottle on their wedding day and said it was for life, everytime she ran out he would replace it and 15 years on he still was - it would have to be something pretty timeless like channel though. I thought that was so sweet, plus scent is one of the strongest senses.
  • jlo2bjlo2b Posts: 172
    what can i say.....'diamonds are a girls best friend'

    Perhaps earings or a solitaire necklace...beautiful....classic and timeless...very important as it will never date.

  • lbarkelbarke Posts: 91
    Hi Russell-you've come to the right place!

    I have to agree that perfume scores hi with me - my fella chose me a new one for my birthday which I will wear on the day - apparently everytime you wear it it's meant to take you back - like a sensory thing.

    Also she will be spending a fair bit of time getting ready - so you could make her a CD of some special tracks for the two of you for her to listen to in the morning - I think the personal touches are the best!

    By the way love your ranking as "a new bride"!!!

  • I agree with the perfume idea - if you can find our what perfume she is intending on wearing you could get some shower gel/bubble bath and some body lotion to match it.

    I always like it when I see grooms who have handwritten a lovely letter to their bride to be and if you have certain records which remind you of her you could compile a CD.

    I will have a think and come back to this thread if I get anymore ideas.
  • InAPanicInAPanic Posts: 10
    Wow, thank you all for the great suggestions. I really love the idea of the purfume and replacing it forever, very sweet.

    I am going to write her a lovely letter as well and know the kind of things I will put in it.

    I was thinking about compiling a CD for her but all the songs I would have picked have been made into a CD for the reception etc.

    I am thinking less and less about the jewellery, for birthday and christmas she gets something with a diamond in it and it needs to be special. Also designing or picking the perfect piece would take more time than I have. As the counting down timer in the top left of my screen keeps telling me.

    I know Pink Pincess it's kind of embarrasing as i don't think I have the figure to pull off a flowing white dress.
  • cathflowercathflower Posts: 78
    Maybe you could make a photobook of all the special times you've had together, the following site does them. I haven't actually tried them yet, but someone else recommended them on here. Think I'll be using it after the wedding with pictures from the disposable cameras, and another from the honeymoon.
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    I got a beautiful watch on the morning of the wedding which was a total surprise - I'd already had earings! He'd had it engraved with the wedding date and it's so special to me now, I think of the wedding and him every time I look at it. I know you said that jewellery wasn't really your thing as she's lucky that way on birthdays etc, but there's something timeless about a watch...

    Good luck!

  • delightfulukdelightfuluk Posts: 737
    How about a beautiful personalised poem - you can either write one yourself or get Amy at to write one for you. I can highly recommend her.
  • speaking as someone who has lost her dad (17 years ago but i can still cry when i hear a woman my age call 'Dad!') the very last thing i would want to see on my wedding day is a picture of him - my BM and H2B are under strict orders not to say 'your dad would be proud..' or mention 'absent friends' at all - as i wont about by h2b late father/granny or anyone else we care about - i think about him all the time i dont need to hear it said out loud - may start crying and never stop!

    diamonds always good - or other stones that wont clash with the colours of the day...

    Good luck and well done for being such a thoughtful h2b - long may it continue!
  • milmopmilmop Posts: 222
    how about learning a song and singing it to her???Doesn't have to be a soppy one,would show you have balls of steel and don't mind rising to the challenge coz its for her!!

    I think diamonds are great but......I will already have chosen my jewellry for my wedding day and some of it is my something borrowed so if H2b gives me some on the day I will be in a huge dilemma, so I would advise against jewellry for the day.

    I'm (foolishly!) having a boudoir shoot done for him, but would love it if he presented me with a picture of him looking HOT!!Soooooo, how about booking one of them??

    Good luck anyway,you know her best and know what makes her tick so am sure you will think of that perfect something!! x
  • waterlillyukwaterlillyuk Posts: 469
    I know one bride on here mentioned her H2B making a dvd and sending it over to her the morning of the wedding. I think that could be really sweet if you're looking for something that just can't be purchased.

    I know my H2B won't be able to afford any diamond earings on our day but I know I'd find it adorable that he'd put enough effort in to be writing on wedding sites for ideas. Very impressed by you!
  • dennerukdenneruk Posts: 248
    The traditional anniversary gift for 11 years is Steel, maybe you could theme something around this so that you are not only celebrating your wedding day but also the years you have been together.
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I think something personal is the best present.

    How about getting a nice box, and filling it with little personal things....a photo of the two of you, the letter for her, bits like that. You could also chuck a little gift in it!

    I personally would far rather receive something like that than something that's simply shop-bought.
  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Hi Russell, I think the earrings are a nice idea and something she can keep, maybe find a nice poem that reflects your lofe and put it in the box - or write your own.

    This website does nice photo books that you can create yourself. Hope this helps!
  • LuckyManuk1LuckyManuk1 Posts: 13
    something that will last. perfume, bags are all nice but you wont have them in ten yearstime. i have brought a necklace with a diamond for my w2b.
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    my hubby got me diamonds necklace and earrings, but rather than just buying them, he researched for months about diamonds, then went and hand picked them, then had them made up specially for me, and even found a georgous hand crafted wooden jewellry box for them. They are so so special to me, not just cos they are diamonds, but because of the effort he put into to picking the exact stones.
  • InAPanicInAPanic Posts: 10
    Wow thanks so much for all the ideas, its a shame that we spent all the money on the wedding or I would do all of them.

    I really like the idea of a poem as she loves writing them for me, thanks for that delightful i'll try that website.

    Nearlydevine i love the idea and the thought is lovely its the actual singing that might be the problem. I have the worst voice ever and its widely know that i am tone deaf. Also the boudoir idea would be nice if my six pack wasnt a beer barrell. I might get a few nice photos of me and our son, and do a poem with it, with the finishing touch of the steel frame. Oh i like that idea image

    Edit: Sorry I spent so long writing this and nipping off to do work I didn't see the last few messages. I am trying to stay away from earings as im sure she has it all sorted for her outfit and also the money is a little tight. I love the idea of going to pick the diamonds and having something made with them but I have 24 days left, my fault for leaving it to late I suppose.

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  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    sorry, forgot to write my actual point then! I meant to go on to say that presents that have some real thought behind them mean a lot to a woman. we are very soppy on our wedding day, so even a hand-written card will get us going!

    so things like specially-made CDs, mementoes, never has to be anything big or expensive, will always go down well. how lucky your bride is that you are thoughtful enough to do your research! in fact, print off this thread, and give it to her so she knows what you were up to!
  • sammieelgersammieelger Posts: 53
    I have been reading all of these ideas and i have to say that just a simple hand-written letter to be passed to your b2b on the morning sounds the most romantic. I even had a lump in my throat when i was reading the suggestion! letter's aren't sent very often these days and it is something she will treasure forever. Im not saying dont buy her something also, but the letter will definetly go down well. I wish my husband to be was reading this!! (p.s maybe spray the letter with your aftershave or something so that it smells like you when she opens it - be careful not to make the paper wet or to smudge it!)
  • pindy27pindy27 Posts: 599
    I know you are probably sorted now but how about buying her a star?? you can name it what ever you want to and obviously it will be there forever?? just an idea!!

    Good luck with your search xx
  • InAPanicInAPanic Posts: 10
    Hi Pindy

    Thank you for your suggestion, I am not quite sorted but have loads of ideas thanks to everyone here.

    I am probably going to go along the line of a box filled with some holiday snaps of our favourite places, along with a lovely letter (with a bit of my CK One sprayed over it). I will also try and get a steel (as its our 11 yr anniversary) photo frame with a black and white photo of me and our son. What does everyone think?
  • yagalabyyagalaby Posts: 3,545
    sounds wonderful !!

    I think you've got the right idea. Something sentimental and lasting that she can keep and dig out and read whenever she needs a smile after a tough day. My parents still have the love letters they wrote to eachother, and its such a wonderful memento of how a relationship grows and a reminder of what people mean to eachother at different stages of their lives.

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