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Anyone booked Youngs Suit Hire

We've booked Youngs Suit Hire at Suits You in Meadowhall and I would like to hear your experiences.

Who's booked the same?



  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    I havent but then i also havent heard anything bad about them either
  • EmCBEmCB Posts: 1,390
    I've heard lots of good things about Young's Suit Hire, we're going with Debenhams but I've heard Young's are pretty reliable. x
  • We've used Youngs in Milton Keynes - they have branches throughout UK (which is why we have used them as we have ordered in MK but other groomsmen can go into Manchester store and pick up there). Service has been very good so far.

    Lisa xx
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    We're planning on using them - found them very good instore just havent got round to booking yet.

  • racheltolleyracheltolley Posts: 127

    We have booked them for our wedding in August.

    So far so good, H2B and I went in and paid the deposit and told them what I (sorry I mean we lol) want everyone to wear.

    Next day H2B went back with a few of the party to get measured and a couple of others have been done individually at a later date and so far all seems fine!

    Rach x
  • mrshatton2bmrshatton2b Posts: 435

    We're all going tomorrow and have only heard good things from other people too

    Fingers crossed, we, he chooses something nice!
  • mummy060409mummy060409 Posts: 51
    MrsHatton2b- we also used Youngs and they are brilliant!My sister used them for her wedding last year and they were great then too!We sorted ours out on Thursday night...they are really good!

  • kt1000ukkt1000uk Posts: 9
    I have booked youngs in suits you at meadowhall too! I am hoping they are going to be okay as going abroad... very expensive for 2 weeks.
  • katiespencekatiespence Posts: 415
    We're using Youngs as well.

    Excellent service in store (Basingstoke). We took our final party member in on Saturday to be measured. They fitted us in without an appointment despite being shorthanded and checked out all the group measurements that had been taken in other shops.

    Would recommend them on our experience so far.

  • Vixen78Vixen78 Posts: 425
    we've used youngs in newcastle and they seem good so far, very helpful as well
  • migginsukmigginsuk Posts: 479
    We're using them (Reading store) and they've been very very good & professional.

    The main reason we're using them is because both my siblings' weddings used them with no problems, and both of those weddings had far flung ushers who needed to be measured in different stores (or over the phone for my brother), and all of it was spot on. Just made sense for us as we know they're reliable.
  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    Youngs was top of our list for quality and good recommendations.

    However, we decided to go with a local shop as they offered us the suit hire for longer (our wedding is on a Thursday) than Youngs could give us.

    I have heard nothing but good reviews of Youngs.

    Good luck.

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