Grey Suit hire

Does anybody know of any company who do grey suit hire? We're looking for a short jacket- like a regular suit rather than a morning suit or Albert. Basically, you know the marc wallace advert where the groom is wearing brown and the ushers are all wearing grey? Well, we're trying to get that look without having to buy all the suits.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Fi x


  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    I think most people do the standard colours, black,navy,brown,cream, 2 shades of grey
  • bumblebee7ukbumblebee7uk Posts: 118
    you could try slaters they have a nice grey suit there it was the one i liked but they chose another suit hope this helps
  • I'll Try Slaters, I'd not thought of them. You wouldn't believe how many companies don't do standard grey suits for hire. I've been through all the suppliers websites in the grooms bit on this site, and no luck.

    Thank you x
  • Jodie123ukJodie123uk Posts: 9
    Hi, Im getting my Grey suits from Moss Bros- they are really nice an dyou can have tails etc if you like, Im just getting the lounge suits for my ushers and best men ( yes men!).

    H2B is getting a suit made as hes an awkward shape and we figure its a good investment!

  • Hi Jodie

    Are they on their website or have you had to enquire within store? You don't know the suit name do you? As with you H2B is getting his made, but we need to find what the ushers etc are going to wear before we make a final decision. He really wants the Marc Wallace brown suit, but we're have difficulty finding anything remotely similar in grey. Plus yesterday, he added that the shade of grey is very important. I haven't even started bridesmaids yet, but how hard can they be after this?

  • Hi Fi

    I'm having trouble finding a nice grey suit to hire for the best man and ushers. Who did you use in the end?

    Thanks Tilly x
  • Hello

    Just to let you know that slaters defo do a grey suit and just in the normal type that you are after! I know because me and my h2b have been in today and absolutely loved it! Although we are opting for a different style they defo do just the normal suit!!! h2b initially wanted brown but as soon as he saw the grey with the dusky pink he changed his mindimage Hope you manage to find what you want!
  • We are getting ours from Cameron Ross. They do 2 different shades of grey.
  • i picked brochures up at wedding show for moss boss, debenhams, slaters, youngs, and think they all do what you want, h2b is wearing grey too x
  • Hello

    We went with Hugh Harris in the end. Not a cheap option but the quality of the suits was superb. They looked so classy and the looked bought instead of hired. The suits we had we're the Ozwald Boateng ones. They don't come in very large sizes though so for the groomsmen other than the best man we had a similar version of their own.

    Their service was great too.

    It's in Woking, but they do deliver to wherever you need them to be, the only down side is getting the men to the shop.

    The way I saw it, I was spending a lot of money on my dress, and he should get what he wants too. They're expensive to buy, and a fraction of that to hire.

    Everyone commented on how fantastic the men's suits were, the beautiful cut and cloth. I've never heard any commment on that sort of thing with the blokes suits before.

    I really hope that helps. Good luck with all your plans.

    Fi xx
  • We went through Slaters and picked a mid grey colour which was lovely , they also do a darker grey , the service was great and if you hire 4 you get one free !

    Good luck
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