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sports car hire HELP!!

hi all

does anyone know where i can hire a porshe 911 for a weekend without paying a few grand in a deposit.

i can afford the hire charge but all of the ones i've found have a massive deposit charge.


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  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    I would be surprised if there were any that didn't want a massive deposit as they probably aren't very willing to loan out a £45000 car without some guarantees.

    Do you have any friends who know someone you can 'rent' a car from (ie any of their family/friends) have one and if you offered them a couple of hundred pounds wouldn't mind lending it to you (I have a 4 year old peugout 307 that I will lend you, very reasonable prices he he)

    Good luck!! and let me know if you do find any as I would love to do this for my h2b but there is no way I have that kind of money spare!)
  • helen469helen469 Posts: 127
    hi jennied, thanks for that!

    its h2bs dream to drive a porsche 911 carerra thingy, we both have a car (golf and focus)

    i heard of someone on here somewhere who managed to find somewhere, but it was a long time ago, i doubt its still on here.

  • krobins1982krobins1982 Posts: 193
    Hi - there are a few threads about sports car rental but I'm not sure of deposits.

    I'm looking at renting a car for my h2b on our wedding day as a surprise from but I haven't gone into how much the deposits are yet.

    Hope this helps...x
  • rosebery44rosebery44 Posts: 820
    Hi as a wedding present for my now hubby, I hired a e-type jag for the morning of our wedding so that he had something flash to get to the church in!

    I didn't have to pay a deposit at all but it could be its because its a classic car rather than a very fast sports car!

    I found our supplier by just googling 'classic car hire' in google. Think I went on Yell as well. Keep looking - i'm sure you'll find something!


  • rosebery44rosebery44 Posts: 820
    Just a thought ... are you sure you're having to fork out such a huge deposit? Is not just a 'guarantee' so that if something does happen, only then your credit card is charged?

    Just wondered . . .
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