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Had my boudoir shoot yesterday!

I had my boudoir shoot yesterday at Mighty aphrodite near Reading, and it was absolutely fantastic! I was so nervous but as soon as you get going you really relax. The photos are amazing and Leigh and Zena are brilliant. If you are thinking about it, do it! One of my biggest fears was that i would look fat as i'm a size 12/14 and have a real belly but when i saw the pictures i couldn't believe it was my body. Other than being a great gift it is a real confidence boost. I am so glad i did it and know that my h2b will love them. I'm gutted that i've got to keep it secret for another 10 weeks!


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  • The more reports I read from happy brides to be who have had theirs the more I am looking forward to my shoot now.

    As long as Tempted manage to cover over my belly and I look the best I can then I'll be happy. Really want these pictures to come out well so H2B really likes them. Still got till August until I go for mine.

  • ZarabethZarabeth Posts: 4
    Which deal did you go for in the end? I have been really contemplating it but wastn sure whether it would be worth the money.

  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    Not sure if you were asking me or smiley shazza but i went for package 1 at mighty aphrodite. It is well worth the money. I'm going through my pics now trying to decide which to have in my album. It is so hard, i want them all!
  • Michie23ukMichie23uk Posts: 13
    How much does this cost? As I have been thinking about it!!

  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    My package cost £395. You get alot more control over the type of pictures you can have as well compared to some places. This is a really good price for what you get.
  • sianrdaviessianrdavies Posts: 232
    If you have any pics send them my way - [email protected]

    I am hoping to have some taken, am currently a size 14, hopefully be a 12 by the time I have them done, lost 17lbs so far...

    Did you have any of the nude shots? I think I might go for lingerie shots, not sure if I'd have the bottle to strip completely! x x
  • dufton-mooredufton-moore Posts: 113
    I've just had mine at Mighty Aphrodite was amazing! I'm in the same boat, trying to narrow down which photo's I'd like in my album from about 240....its impossible.

    Would definitely recommend them.

  • DenimgirlukDenimgirluk Posts: 104
    It's really hard isn't it! I think i've got my twelve now and am hopefully going to send the e mail today. I never thought that i'd look at the photos of myself and be struggling to pick. I didn't think it was possible to have twelve decent photos of me! Good luck!

  • MrsGiggles1983MrsGiggles1983 Posts: 1,738
    I would love to have this done so much and I'm looking for someone in Nottingham, who have reasonable prices as I can't afford a lot.

    I have recently lost 5 and a half stone but I still don't feel sexy naked, I'm a size 10 with 32GG boobs so I know I should feel fantastic, but I have a horrible stomach covered in stretch marks!

    My H2B is constantly telling me how amazing I look but I just wish I could believe him. I constantly hide my body away from him. I know this would be the ultimate present for him!

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