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Which people wear what?!

Hi there,

I thought I would try and tap you boys up for advice!!

Ok, so we have a wedding coming up (which I suppose is why I'm leaving a message!) and we just don't quite know who should wear what. What I mean is, we will have 2 fathers, 2 ushers, 1 best man and a groom (oh yeah, nearly forot that!) but we are trying to work out how we can do it...

There are 2 issues. My other half really wants to wear pink as it is my favourite colour (and no, it wasn't because I had asked him to!) and yet there is no way that his son (who will be an usher) and his dad would be comfortable in pink. So we are going to include lilac too for their benefit! So, what does the best man then wear?! I just obviously want the groom to be noiced as being the groom and don't know the proper way around it!

Sorry for rambling,but any help would be appreciated!!!

Zoe x x


  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    You could use the same colour scheme in different ways - for instance if your fiance has a waistcoat and tie in pink, the best man could have the same in lilac and you could just get ties in lilac for the usher and fathers.
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    So in theory, should the fathers and ushers not where the whole thing?! Like the suits with the waistcosts and cravats?!?!

    I'm so confused! The girls are so much easier to sort out!!
  • MamaBridgerMamaBridger Posts: 235
    hi zoebroadhead

    Have jut ordered our suits today we decided that the groom would havea patterned silver waistcoat and pink cravat to match bridesmaids then bestman in plain waistcoat with pink cravat then for dads and usher the plain silver waistcoat that the bestman is wearing but a silver cravat so they match but everyone knows who the best man is and a different waistcoat for groom so he stands out from the bestman if you know what i mean.

    Hope this helps

    x x x
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Oh...not sure how it would work in proper morning suits or frock coats. The dress code for our wedding is 'relaxed elegance' as we're getting married in an art gallery, so my fiance and the men in the bridal party are wearing normal (but nice!) suits. The2Bmrsbridges' suggestion sounds a bit more helpful for you!!
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    The thing is is that i wouldn't normally of thought that the ushers would wear the full get up but we are having 2, one is his son so he wants him to be fully included. Its just causing so much confusion though cause i can't work it out. The waistcoats that we are going for is an ivory base, with either pink or lilac embrioded swirls on, with then either a pink or lilac cravat. Would it be wrong to have the best man in the same as the groom but with a different colour button hole? Its a cheap trick but i can't see an easy way round. X x x x
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    I think that would work well... you could also do a cravat made out of the same material as the ivory / swirl waistcoat and the groom could wear that to look different.

    And I bet you thought finding YOUR dress was going to be thte most difficult thing! image
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    Tell me about it! My dress was so easy. I never thought for a second that it would be difficult to sort the boys out. Seems that the whole day is based around the boys and what they wear, eevn down to the colour of the invites! Its hilarious really!!!!

    Oh, and by the way Gindi, love the idea of an art gallery. We were looking out an outdoor museum in Barcelona and loved the idea. Very very jealous!!!

    x x x x
  • purple_monkfishpurple_monkfish Posts: 1,366
    Well, for us our colour theme is Purple, teal and white. Groom will (hopefully) be in a white waistcoat with a subtle pattern with a teal cravat. Best man and bridesman (we're an odd wedding party) will be in matching black waistcoats and dark purple ties. I'm stuck on ushers though. We'll have at least 2 but I can't really justify having them in frock coats like the rest of the guys (I suppose NZ weddings are a little more informal, i've never seen an usher dressed like the best man/men) so we'll have them in their own black suits. I'm thinking maybe a tie that matches the purple of the cravats? and a buttonhole maybe to make it obvious they're ushers?

    We're having a slightly more informal wedding so having everyone matching would be a bit of overkill I think.
  • icg308icg308 Posts: 199
    Our colours are deep purple/lilac/ivory.

    All men (Groom, Groom's Dad, My Dad stand-in= brother, Best Man and 3 ushers) are wearing dark grey tail suits with lilac cravat/ruches and ivory shirts.

    The groom is wearing a patterned waistcoat with lilac and deep purple in and the rest are wearing a simple design waistcoat in lilac. The Bridesmaids are wearing deep purple, but couldn't find just right colour to match so went for lilacs. The hire shop (1860) suggested not having too many different combinations as it can make everything a little cluttered and the groom wants to stand out. It also makes hire quite complicated (unless you are buying things).

    Could you go for Groom in Pink tie and waistcoat with all other men in simple or slightly decorated ivory waistcoats and ivory ties? that way groom stands out and the others will match anyone?

    We found it best to go to 2/3 different suppliers even if we didn't use them in the end. There are lots of different shades of pink and designs of waistcoat out there - it can really help.

    hope this helps.

  • wainjwainj Posts: 603
    Hi hin - our best man is wearing identical to the groom. The dads and ushers will all be the same as each other but different to BM and H2B x
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    GREAT! Thats what I wanted to hear! I hoped we weren't completly wrong in doing it that way but if its good enough for you, then its good enough for me!!!

    Do you know if there is a right way though?!?! x x
  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    Hi, my h2b is wearing a claret cravat, the bm, father of thye bride have all got the same suits/waistcoats and are all having the same colour cravat.
  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    Hi, my h2b is wearing a claret cravat, the bm, father of thye bride have all got the same suits/waistcoats and are all having the same colour cravat.
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