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Best man gift any ideas?

Hi everyone,

My H2B has no idea what to get for his best mans gift does anyone have an idea?

Thanks x


  • dolanlauradolanlaura Posts: 255
    We got our bestman a very funky pair of cufflinks from gresham blake
  • coops82coops82 Posts: 166
    We have got our best man a Jack daniels hip flask - many a night the pair of them have sat up drinking the stuff so it seemed quite appropriate! Got 'Best man' socks too! x
  • ealing_girlealing_girl Posts: 197
    we decided on a wine gift box from Fortnum and Mason it looks fab! Really well presented
  • PeterMaulPeterMaul Posts: 19
    I've got my best man a signed foortball shirt framed by the team he supports.....
  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    we got our best man a day trip to his favourite football team (man u) gets a fully tour of the grounds and inside. we also got him cufflinks!!
  • an engraved ipod?
  • beckitreebeckitree Posts: 194
    We struggled with this and in the end I just left it up to my OH. Wish I hadn't as he got - nothing!
  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474
    we are getting our best man a personalised wallet
  • I am getting our best man a signed football from his fav footy club! I emailed them and they sent one back saying they could do this for him with signatures of all the players!! Well chuffed!
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    we got our best man which is my son a simpsons hip flask going be full of southern comfort a watch and some best man socks, got the usher the same only a diffrent hip flash with usher on and usher socks has thats my other son as well,
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