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Aston Martin


Does anyone know of how I can get a reasonably priced Aston Martin car to pick up my fiance for the wedding?


Lorne x


  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    My h2b is having an Astin Martin DB7. I think my Mum has got it from this company:

    I think its about £800 for 80 miles driving (if getting groom to venue is less than this the guy will stay around and give guests a drive whilst the photos are going on till all 80 are used.) and photo time before the cermony for just the groomsmen and after the ceremony for the bride and anyone else.

  • nikki3uknikki3uk Posts: 92
    Hi, h2b is having a Astin Martin. We got it from

    We got it for £495 and have got it for an hour, picks up h2b drives him to venue then stays around for pic's. The chauffeur is a Bond look alike.
  • krobins1982krobins1982 Posts: 193
    Hi, I'm looking around at the moment and I'm thinking of going with as h2b will love driving the car himself - even though I'll be so jealous!
  • clairedc1clairedc1 Posts: 574
    hi try this place they are in the north west but will travel i think and very reasonable

    i am hoping to get my h2b a ferrari from there


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