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Hi everyone, i want to get my H2B something really special for the morning of our wedding and wanted some advice. I was thinking of making a litlle photo album type thing with photographs of the two of us from being kids before we knew eachother up to when we first started dating and how our relationship has blossomed image Do you think this is a good idea or a crap one?

Also he lost his grandad who he was very close to, just before we met and was thinking of maybe doing something with an old photograph of the two of them or i've seen companies who can take two photo's and make them into one and he always says that he wishes his grandad could've met me, so i could get a recent photo af me & him and one of his grandad and do something with that? Any ideas anyone or is this a rubbish idea?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks ladies. xx


  • MrsSpenceMrsSpence Posts: 689
    Hi, Thats sounds like a fab idea, very nice.

    Have you had any other ideas, as im looking for help? xx
  • I was thinking of a pocket watch and getting it engraved, Also a couple of the ladies on here have mentioned getting a letter from their fave footie team, as my H2B's not into football i can't do that!

    How about a watch that's quite expensive, that he can wear for special occasions. hope this helps. xx
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