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Honest male opinion of boudoir pics

I'm thinking of getting boudoir pics done as a wedding day surprise for my H2B. I really like the idea of doing something for him and I thought this would definitely get him up the aisle!

However, after speaking to some of my male friends, they aren't as taken with the idea as I hoped. Apparently the "arty shots" that boudoir places specialise in are more to female tastes than male, and while they think he would like, it probably wouldn't have the impact I was hoping for.

What do you guys think? Its a lot of money to spend on something thats "nice" ..........


  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    I casually asked my H2b if he thought I would do one and he said 'if you feel confident and have the money then go for it'.

    The shoot is just as much for me as it is for him as I'll never look like this again (kids, old age, stress etc lol) and I've struggled with my body image for years now and am finally happy with it - I want to be able to look back when im feeling old and miserable and remember what it feels like to have confidence in myself.

    You need to decide on your motives for having one - maybe casually show him one of the sites (I pretended I was randomly looking on one of the forums and went 'oooh I wonder what this is' lol - bit lame) and see what his reaction is.

    If you dont have the money spare and neither he nor you is really taken with the idea completely then maybe a couples photo session with a regular company may be a better idea.

  • IanwalkerIanwalker Posts: 13
    I would describe the shots that the girls tend to go for as "nice", nothing outrageous.

    If the guys were picking shots and outfits they would go for something slightly more "raunchier".
  • waterlillyukwaterlillyuk Posts: 469
    Not a male but have brought the subject up with H2B before and he doesn't really get the excitement about it. I think he was more interested in getting out the camera for his own shoot and thought I was inviting him to do so. Men!
  • mrshatton2bmrshatton2b Posts: 435
    I asked my H2B after reading about them, and so thought I'd gauge his opinion and he just said why. Why would you want to, what would I do with them. Don't waste your money.

    I think general consensus is that the H2Bs aren't bothered, but if it's something you want to do for yourself then go ahead. So I think if a girl wants to do it, just do it anyway, but for yourself and not for your H2b.

    Just my opinion now

    Would do it myself if I had the guts! image

  • TemptedukTempteduk Posts: 3
    Obviously I'm going to appear biased because I work in the business!

    However, a while ago, I was genuinely interested in what guys thought of all this, as I wasn't sure whether they really did like it, or if the women were just doing it for themselves?

    I have had more than a few clients who've had sessions bought as a present BY their blokes, so it must appeal to some.

    In the end I asked my husband (who is a squaddie and is brutally honest in his opinions sometimes!) if I wasn't a photographer, and I went off and got some boudoir photographs done, what would he think?

    He said the photographs would be nice, but the wow factor for him would be that I had the confidence in myself to go and do something like that.

    So many women (me included!) give our bokes a right ear bashing about how we're unhappy witht he way we look, from "Does my bum look big in this?" to "Having a bad hair day..." to goodness know what.

    He said it's the sexiest thing in the world to know that your other half has the confidence to bear (nearly) all. And isn't confidence one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have?

    Most guys like sexy photographs of sexy women - otherwise why would magazines like FHM or Maxim exist?

    I can understand certain styles of photography may not be to some guys tastes. And maybe some guys can't visualise what the end product would be like?

    Anyway forget your bloke, go get it done it for yourself!image

  • beckitreebeckitree Posts: 194
    My husband honestly, truly, loved them. I had a range done, from demure and tasteful to nekkid and chained up, and he loved them all! In fact, we've now booked up for a couples shoot for our 1st anniversary.

    The only thing I was surprised at was that he liked the full-on ones. I'd thought he'd prefer the nude but not rude ones, but he loved the ruder ones, too.
  • I've not done my shoot yet but have told my H2B that I'm doing it and he is so excited! I think it does have a lot to do with the idea of me having the balls (lol sorry) to go and do it, as much as the thought of the pics themselves. I asked him if he'd like to input into what kind of pics I should get but he doesn't - he just can't wait to see them regardless. I'll be giving him the album the night before the wedding with a note going along the lines of 'this is what you're marrying tomorrow' and I'm sure he will be looking forward to it image If you're really worried about how he will react, just ask him if he wants it. It doesn't ruin the surprise atall I don't think.
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    My h2b would hate it if I did that, and I wouldn't want to do it. I think it really is a personal thing.
  • MrsF280320MrsF280320 Posts: 184 New bride
    I had mine done this week, not by a specialist company but just by a female photographer i found. I had my make up trial beforehand so didn't have to worry about doing it myself. She took a ton of pic and i got to look at them all. I was really nervous but i am now over the moon i had them done. I know for a fact H2B will love them and even if he didn't i loved them!
  • ilizzieilizzie Posts: 1,328
    i don't really care if my H2b doesn't like them ( i'm sure he will)

    I love them - and when i'm 50/60/70 years old i will be able to look at them and be it amazed i was brave enough to do them.

    i have even considered not giving them to H2b just in case he loses them - or maybe making a pre-nup agreement that if we split up he gives me them back ,lol!

    i think he will be amazed i let someone see me with so little on . i have a really poor body image and constantly moan about how i look, which drives H2 mad.

    after seeing the pics i can see what is good about my body and i feel so much more confident. ( as tempted said a lot of this is about confidence!)

    i can't wait to give H2b the pics - i have 30 days to wait before the wedding

    If anyone is trying to decide whether or not to do it i would say definately go for it - even if its just for you!

    lizzie x

    (P.S.i went to tempted? in staffs great!
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