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hiya guys, as the top part of my dress is a tight corset, i amn't going to wear a bra so was thinking i would buy a nice set for the wedding night. problem is i am unsure whether h2b will expect me to wear white underwear or do i go for something bit sexier? what would you like your wives to wear? thanks

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    Not a bloke but - underwear in general would be good -doesnt matter on the style as long as you feel comfortable.

    I can wear anything (and spend a fortune) and my h2b says - thats nice now take it off lol, he wouldn't notice if it was pink with green spots!

    There are some great bridal sets to wear but also some really nice alternative sets to choose from too. If you get something a little unusual that you might not normally wear, then you could always get it out again on special occasions to remind you both of the wedding night.

    Have a look round and go try some different styles on to see what you're more drawn to.

    Alternatively (and I dont mean to be crude here at all) - if you h2b will be the one removing your dress at the end of the evening - how about just some really nice knickers - if you've been corested all day you might be glad of the breathing space.


  • I agree with everything Char2609 suggested.

    I'm also not a bloke, but thought I'd offer my view. I usually wear fairly boring M&S (nursing), so everytime a box arrives from figleaves while I've been trying to find some good bridal underwear, my h2b asks if it's something sexy. In his case, he loves white, so it'll be something white and sexy for us (Fantsasie do some great lines). I'm also going braless in my dress as the bodice's great, so I can spend more than I would usually on a nice set for the wedding night/honeymoon.


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    Again not a guy but as I need to wear some serious scaffolding under my dress (am a 32G), I have got a sexy black and ivory silk chiffon half cup balconette set from Mimi Holliday for the wedding night. My other half doesn't like white underwear particularly so not going for the traditional 'bridal' lingerie. I don't think guys really have a preference as long as we look good! x
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    Can I just have my say as a now married woman x

    On the day I had my lovely wedding dress, with my baque, and my hold up stockings, and Spanx to keep it all in which was definately not sexy...but after a long long day and with a few drinks you are not going to get much if you know what I mean ha ha

    What I done was took my basque, sexy thong, and stockings in my case and for our one week anniversary (at exactly the time we were married ) Suprised my husband, and have to say it was well well worth it x

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