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Boudoir Photography North of Scotland

Hi does anyone know of a boudoir photographer based North of Glasgow?



  • blackstockblackstock Posts: 160
    there is one in dundee i think called peachfur, although the one in glasgow is good i had pics done there and pick them up this week x
  • gracejosiegracejosie Posts: 14
    Hi Snowy

    yep, I went to Beautifully Boudoir a couple of weeks ago, they were great. The pics were amazing and im going back to collect my album next week!

    I would def recommend them, its a women only studio and the photographers were great fun and full of advice, which gave me a little more confidence about my pics. I had total control over the pics I wanted, although to be honest I took their advice for most of it!

    The prices are really fair and start from £99, I went for the £360 package because I wanted an album.I took lots of outfits and was photographed in 4 of them. I was really nervous, but it turned out to be a really enjoyable experience. The website is

    def worth a look!

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