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Formally Yours?

Has anyone here used Formally Yours suit hire? H2b is really keen to use them, but I'm not sure it is such a good idea to book the suits without trying them first. Their waistcoats would be a perfect match though..Anyone have any experience of this?:\?


  • mayleecatmayleecat Posts: 2,001
    We're using them but not till the end of July so can't talk about experience. They are delivering one week before our wedding so that we can change them if there are any problems.
  • repjohnsonrepjohnson Posts: 1,243
    We are using them. They have been very professional. My sister used Moss Bros and when the shirts arrived they were dirty, thin and very cheap looking. The shirts were also packed in plastic bags and all needed ironing before they were worn.We asked to look at the shirts from Formally Yours and they assured us that everything is dry cleaned hung on hangers and covered with plastic. The service so far has been excellent and I am very very very fussy!
  • ShimmsieShimmsie Posts: 568

    We used Formally Yours for our wedding in April and we couldn't fault the service. The shirts will need ironing if you get the suits delivered by courier as they are packaged up. The quality of the suits, cravat, shirt etc. were all excellent and if anything didn't fit, we had a week to get it sorted as they deliver one week before the big day.
  • sommeruksommeruk Posts: 172
    Thanks everyone! That has put my mind at rest a little. Shimmsie-I don't suppose you had the grey morning suits? I was just wondering if anyone knows how dark they are?

  • ShimmsieShimmsie Posts: 568
    We had the black Prince Edward suits so I am afraid I can't help on the colour of the grey suits.
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