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Is anyone from Bristol? Help with Stag do for my other half?

Please could anyone help with any suggestions for meals, drinks out, bars, nightclubs, etc.. things to do for my other half? He is planning his Stag do in Bristol, but has no idea where to stay/go etc.. All the stags are over 30 so are looking for somewhere where there aren't loads of kids, but also somewhere that a large group of guys won't get kicked out from. Any hints/tips on cheap places to drink are also welcome...!


  • gem_sweetiegem_sweetie Posts: 1,898
    hi rainbowgold,

    I stumbled across this website earlier today

    it has everything from stag weekends here and abroad with loads of different things you can do.

    Also there is one for hen weekends to-

    Just so you have that for reference.

    I hope this helps you love gem xxx

  • kazd12kazd12 Posts: 48

    what about the bar celona, in kingswood~they can have a meal, then go into the other part and dance the night away.

    been a couple of times for a meal, really nice
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