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First Night Hotel Edinburgh

I am getting married in Edinburgh in January next year and all family and friends are staying in the same hotel minutes from the church. Thinking of the first night I really want something special for my bride to be and I. Was thinking about a place called the Witchery, has anybosy stayed there or have any other suggestions of where to stay?


  • Mary-AnneukMary-Anneuk Posts: 895
    Not sure on the ability to get a room but "the Edinburgh residences" is nice (my aunt stayed recently - you get a massive suite).

  • Colin33ukColin33uk Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info it looks really nice
  • I'm staying at The Glasshouse on my honeymoon - I really liked the look of the Witchery but it was out of our price range. If you look on Tripadvisor the Wichery gets absolutely fantastic reviews so I think that would be a great choice if you can afford it!
  • xCocoAndPudxxCocoAndPudx Posts: 520
    They witchery is amazing the food was a bit too fancy for me but the suites are beautiful!!! perfect for a first night xx
  • MrsHolder2bMrsHolder2b Posts: 122
    I've not stayed there but we got engaged at Edinburgh castle last month and we had a gorgeous champagne lunch at the Witchery after he popped the question. It's a really interesting place, the food was fantastic and it's just a few steps away from the castle.

    I might be a bit biased by the great memories I have but I'd say it would be a lovely place to spend your first night.

  • tartanrubytartanruby Posts: 354

    we stayed at teh Witchery a couple of years ago and all i can say is....BRILLIANT!!

    It's a perfect choice for a first night - we stayed in the Vestry whioch isthe one with teh fantastic bathroom.

    You are greeted with Champagene and chocolates on arrival and then breakfast is brought to your room the next day.

    I loved it.

    The only thing i would say is that if you are not arriving till the wee small hours and leaving the next day you might not get the full benefit of the room - are you leaving straight away the next day - it might be nicer to have the night of the wedding in the hotel with your guests and then you could have breakfast and see everyone - but then after breakfast - see everyone off at your own pace then sneak off for a first full day as a married couple and have the day in bed at the witchery with champagne and a fantastic meal.

    Now that would be a start to your honeymoon image

  • SPECIALK1975SPECIALK1975 Posts: 486
    The Witchery is stunning! Had always fancied staying there so we went to celebrate getting engaged. You will have a really memorable first night there and it feels really decadent and different to a normal (no matter how lovely) hotel room
  • Colin33ukColin33uk Posts: 4
    Thanks to all of you

    It looks like the Witchery is the place to be.....

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