Signed Football team letters

Hi all,

My H2B is a Birmingham City Football fan and I would like to have a signed letter from the team to give him on our wedding day. Does anyone know how I would go about having this done for him?


  • BeebopalooBeebopaloo Posts: 21
    Hi Emma

    I've done this for my H2B and I used the same letter that a few of the girls have used on here before....

    "My fianc???? and I are getting married on XX and it has been mentioned to me that some football clubs send a message of well wishes for their fan's wedding day.

    I am not sure if this is something XX does, or whether your office is the right one to contact. However my husband to be, XX, is a huge fan of XX and has been since he was very young. It would be great if he could receive a message of good luck on our wedding day.

    If this is possible, perhaps you could send the message to me at the address below, for me to pass on to the Best Man, to read out on the wedding day.


    Many thanks in advance for any help you can give."

    I received a reply within a couple of days and they said that because it is not football season that I should either write them a letter in Jan 09 or send them a card which they will get all the players to sign!

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