3 piece suit?? please help!


Just wondering if anyone has any advice on where we can buy a 3 piece suite for my h2b??

I just don't seem to be able to find any anywhere!

Please help!




  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    hi brown cow. were abouts are you??
  • Hey Ria,

    We're in South Wales but don't mind traveling, I'm all over the UK with work, so distance is not really a problem.

    Do you have somewhere in mind?

    = )
  • riaxxxxriaxxxx Posts: 478
    we got our from cheshire oaks. they are lovely. any outlet village should have them though!!
  • Hi Ria,

    Thank you for your tip! We will be taking a trip to the local Designer Village on the weekend. Hopefully we'll pick up a bargain too!

    Thanks again! xxx

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