Hi everyone

Having a bit of a drama! Colour scheme for wedding is claret/gold .... so want the mens waiscoats in this colour, which should, you would think, be fine as its a reasonably popular scheme.

Two problems - first is one of the grooms men has a 56" chest, he's a big boy .... second, that i need to buy these not hire.

I am getting married in Barbados - so for extended hire for the week and then rehiring them again for the reception is going to cost me a fortune.

So does anyone know

a) - where you can get cheap but lovely waistcoats that

b) - also have a plus size range?




  • I would try BHS... i got my little flower girls dress from there, they've got alot of claret & gold in this year, so you may have some luck. They should have big sizes too.

    Depending on when your wedding is, you may be able to leave it till nearer xmas as most major high street shops get gold and claret ties and waistcoats in at that time of year,

    Our best man has a 50" chest and we've hired from moss bros... mite be worth asking them if you can buy them rather than hire?

    Good luck!
  • I tried a company called Anthony. They have a huge range.
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