Watch out with football clubs

Have recently written to Liverpool FC to ask if a message could be sent for my H2B and I'm so dissappointed as I recieved a letter saying that they have recieved so many requests from people who have seen the idea on certain websites they can no longer do it!!!!!

They suggested getting a gift pack with a certificate and pen, football - so unpersonal

I really don't think they realise what a big fan my H2B is and I will even be spending my first day as a married woman at a game at anfield!

Any suggestions of what I can do would be appreciated


  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Oh thats gutting - as my h2b is a huge Liverpool fan and this is exactly what I was going to do! I would personally write back again and tell them how disappointing it will be for him, they are a huge business and charge a fortune for their tickets, it doesn't cost them a lot to send out a letter or card! Miserable sods. Good luck

  • Pr1nces5Pr1nces5 Posts: 2,581
    I've heard from a few brides who got a response from Liverpool that they were disapointed with the response they recieved. But if you really want it, keep plugging away and say h2b is a season ticket holder etc and how disappointed he will be etc
  • sjm224sjm224 Posts: 644
    How about asking if they can arrange something for the day after when you are at Anfield? Surely they don't get that many people going to a match the day after.... could he be a grown up mascot? Could they make an announcement...?
  • kellymorricekellymorrice Posts: 500
    Get them to make an annoucement at the game. Myself and h2b are both huge football fans but support rival teams, the day after our wedding I will be going to see my team play (without h2b, he would die before enter my team's ground's) and my mum is going to get them to put an annoucement out to congratulate me on my wedding!! I'm a season ticket holder and spend a fortune on strips, extra tickets etc so will be nice to get something back! xx
  • LouleyLouley Posts: 568
    Thats a shame. My H2b is also a huge lfc fan and i wrote to them in May and i was disappointed with what i received anyway, id heard such lovely stories of other team's managers sending personally written notes etc that when a pre printed certificate showed up i was gutted, so much fuss over something that isnt worth the wait.

  • candylove13candylove13 Posts: 132
    hi i got a response in the post the other day from arsenal for my h2b. wasn't exactly thrilled with our letter/certifcate, especially as it was addressed to both of us, with my name first??!! i know we are in modern times now and the mans name doesnt automatically go infront but as the letter was on his behalf? it just seems a shame that its addressed that way at the top and begins with "dear katie"

    oh well, you cant win them all, i do think its a shame that liverpool are rejecting letters though, i mean what are they without the fans x
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    i think everyone has jumped on the band waggon with it and they just been unindated, shame really perhaps try again the brides who are getting married next year.
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    I wonder if you actually send a card for them to sign along with a stamped addressed envelope - if they would do it then?

    Worth a try
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