mitsubishi or similar ?

anyone know where i can hire a mitsubishi sporty car or similar that would take groom and best man to ceremony?


  • dont knwo where ur but star cars have a mitsibushi fast and furious replica?
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    hi - thanks for that it would have been absolutely perfect but the chap said the owner has put it in a museum for a while lol

  • aww no fair! it didnt even have the right wheels on it. you could also contact ur local mitsibushi dealer and see if they will hire you one. my local subaru dealer is ding this for us for £100 providing we get our own insurance sorted.
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    great idea thanks

  • I've been trying to find an Evo for my wedding car but no-one that I can find hires them. I even tried the owners club but no-one was interested. The only option I could find was to hire a rally spec car which was loads of money and although I'd love it, it's hardly practical!

    If I haven't sold it by then, I think I'm going to use my own car - I've got an FTO (and it's my baby!!)

    I'd be interesed to hear how you get on.

    Corinna x
  • have u tried local car cruise websites. normally they jump at the chance to get their cars out!! expecially for a bit of extra dosh!
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    another great idea - it`s actually for my brother.he is soooo in to cars and he has paid over 1000 for all my wedding transport but now he has bought his wedding forward to feb 3rd - before me !! - and mum thinks it unfair on someone who loves cars so much not to have one for himself so we want to surprise him.his fiance and the bridesmaids have transport but they ran out of funds so he was just going with best man.we`re hopefully going to hide the keys and say we`ll have to call a taxi then a nice car come up !! he has just had an accident in his tigra too - someone went in to side of him, but he`s a bitr chuffed as the insurers have given him a gorgeous new vectra , silver with 17 inch alloys and loads of chrome etc!!had a couple of quotes but it seems there are no decent not to over modded cars in the stourbridge area so the prices are high bec of travelling to us.

    keep the ideas coming !!

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    Hi Guys

    How about hiring a helicopter, can just be as cheap as wedding cars, thats what my husband to be is arriving in!
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    thanks - decided now that instead of paying out so much for a 20 min drive,mum n dad have paid for him to be a steam train driver for a day!not just having a turn at the wheel as it were but he starts work at 7am cleaning and firing it up then gets to be on the trains and trams all day til 5pm!!

    oh and i did try the message boards of the mitsubishi web site but everyone got realy stroppy thinking i was part of a gang trying to steal their cars,some got rude and the topic had to be closed !!!!!!!!!!!! lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • awww siorry to hear that. the modified car forums in my area are relaly friendly. maybe i jsut hink that cos im a member!!!

    i have decided nto to ahve a car and im hoping to talk oh oout of paying £100 for a subaru for hte day but doubtful!!
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