Gifts for the Groom - any ideas??

It seems to be ever more popular for the bride to buy her groom a wedding gift. I'd really like to show my h2b how much i really do love him. However we're hoping to get married in Oz so dont want to be lugging around a large gift, also dont really want to spend alot of money - I'd say no money than £100. Surely my showing of affection doesn't have to be expensive??!! Any ideas??


  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    i have bought my partner his watch and cufflinks that he will be wearing on the day. he knows i've got them but doesnt know what they are like and wont until his best "woman" gives them to him on the morning of wedding.

    hope this helps.

  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    I brought my H2B a gold chain to put his mothers ring on (as she is no longer with us and I thought it would be a way of her being with her son) I'm also wearing her bracelet so got my something old and she with us on the day in that way too even though i was never fortunate enough to have known her
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    I was think of buying him the 'James Bond' Omega watch that he's always wanted, either that or a ceremonial sword (he's in the military) and this would mean a lot to him also.

    I wanted to hire an Aston Martin for the 3day mini honeymoon we're having straight after the wedding (we're saving for a proper honeymoon about a year after the wedding coz the wedding will have wiped our bank accounts out totally!!), but that was going to cost over £2000!!!

    So all told I'm not really sure what to do now!?!?!?!?!?

  • I have bought my H2B a fantastic dress watch which he will love. Going to give it to him on the morning of out wedding with a don't be late note inside the box, also got him a pair of boxers as a gag gift and gonna get him a HUGe pair of fluffy thick socks with a note "incase you get cold feet"

  • clairexukclairexuk Posts: 7
    I'm buying my fella his waitcoat/cravat/hanky.

    We couldnt find one nice enough from the hire places. We found one that we really liked and I'm going to buy it for him so he has a reminder for the day. I'm also going to get him something else (not sure what yet) and present it in a box with a letter inside for him to open the night before.

  • gadgets! trust me, blokes love gadgets! something like a mini ipod, engraved, is about £65 from apple. he'll be well chuffed!
  • image

    We found some cool stuff on

    One of our ushers was really into dragons and we found him a fab smoking dragon on

    Hope this helps.

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  • Gadgets I agree jo1609, or was that Mr jo1609 that wrote that! Or, and I think that this is what Stress free girl's getting me is a mixed case of red wine, but on the day she's going to give me the bottle opener, so I can have them when we get back from the honeymoon, which sounds like a right result to me. Try 12 bottles can be as little as 50 sheets, in fact I'm off there now to choose the ones I like!

    Laters .COM
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    I getting married in May 07, I'm not sure quite what to get my H2b. I'm leaning towards buying him vouchers to have a back massage to de-stress him before the wedding. I know that it will take him weeks to write the speech.:\)
  • Ladies - you are the best!

    I am now totally inspired and am going for the ipod option (especially as he is always pinching mine!). I'll get it engraved and load it up with all his CDs so that he can listen to it whilst we are on honeymoon!

    One more thing to tick off the list!!!

    Sarah xxx
  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    soontobemrsmikey if you order it straight from the apple website they will engrave it as well free of charge....or at least it was free of charge when we bought our daughters one at xmas direct from apple....good luck
  • LindaBukLindaBuk Posts: 41

    Hi Alison,

    Does he like football or rugby?

    Most clubs will offer shares that start at £50. You will only have a certificate to take abroad and he enjoy looking at the shares going up etc. He will also get invited to shareholders meeting.

    Hope this helps

  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    i could scream - the watch i bought has stopped working. i've had 2 new batteries and it still wont go and yes the shop closed down/went into liqudation a couple of months ago. it wasn't majorly expensive but still annoying that i've got to get a new 1.
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    I will be buying my husband to be a Stevie Wonder album (god willing) there is only one that he has yet to get it was unreleased but there are copies to be had - at a price. All the time we have been together and he has seen it for sale he has told me he can't warrant paying such a price for it. So that will be my special gift to him

    Just been thinking about this and i don't know if you can hold a note or not or when your wedding will take place - but why not sing to him at the reception. If you are unsure you could find out how much singing lessons are and really suprise him by doning something really unexpected and sentimental.

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  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Great ideas, really liking the football shares and silver giftware ideas. My h2b always buys me such lovely presents, he chose my engagement ring and its gorgeous so I want to get something he'll really like.
  • afrenchumafrenchum Posts: 124
    I've booked a nite in a 5 star hotel for the wedding nite as a surprise for my H2B. Can this be his wedding gift, or should I get him something else??
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    For something different try the website They are brilliant. Basically it's like a real newspaper and you can have any headline you like, loads to choose from. You can even upload a pic of hubby for the front page. I've done one for fathers day fro h2b of our son. It's got him playing for his fav footie team and scoring 2 goals and being man of the match. And must say it is flipping excellent and he is going to love it. Plus they are not expensive, think it's about £15 to have it laminated or it cost me £20 for it framed and it came the next day.

    I'm also going to hunt thru and give them as gifts for groom and CBM. For CBM she meets Robbie Williams at the wedding of the yr (mine) and becomes his new girlfriend!!!!! Haha.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    Im getting the newspaper from and Im also getting him a really swish shaving set - he likes a good shave!! and thought this is a fab gift as he will use it loads||@c3%20piece%20sets%20with%20Best%20Badger%20shaving%[email protected]|0|user||20| xx
  • kal2kal2 Posts: 3
    Got a great idea for Xmas and wedding day gifts.

    I got some personalised cufflinks ! Also some metallica cufflinks for the page boy .

    I found this company that will make a set to your needs . At only £9.99. They got delivered really quick and they came in a nice jewellery box.

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