Sex Ban

Can I ask opinion of everyone out there?

To make the first night special my fiance and I have decided to go on a sex ban, what do you think?


  • samwuksamwuk Posts: 16
    Would certainly make it 'different' - sure neither of you are going for an annulment the day after?? image
  • offtheshelfofftheshelf Posts: 340
    My first thought was- how soon are you getting married?? lol xx

    Seriously though, that would be a very personal choice. I personally feel that planning a wedding is stressful enough without being further frustrated, I would also worry about losing those intimate moments together...

    But then on the other side it would certainly add a bit of excitement to your wedding night!!

    Good luck in whatever you decide xx
  • mfootnermfootner Posts: 31
    I have such a doofus H2B!!! He means we're currently on a sex ban until the wedding night - to make it more exciting! Otherwise it's just another normal night of, well, sex. Anyway he's worded this post soooo badly so it sounds like we're not planning on having sex again - not what I have in mind !!
  • offtheshelfofftheshelf Posts: 340
    ps I'm not a groom but at least you have a b2b's opinion!!! Just saw where this had been posted!!! lol
  • I apologise for me rubbish original post! I will try and explain myself properly from now on, after all i am on a sex ban so my mind is a little all over the place! Hehehe. ps offtheshelf, lovely cat!
  • samwuksamwuk Posts: 16
    OMG - I thought you meant sex was banned ON THE WEDDING NIGHT!!! Hence my response!!

    So, back to a question asked previously - how long is it til the wedding night? I'd think a week of abstinence (or a fortnight, whatever) would be romantic, but no sex for eight months might well be unachievable! (or undesirable!) image
  • 5 LONG weeks!
  • samwuksamwuk Posts: 16
    5 LONG weeks!

    In that case, I would put the idea to my OH that THREE weeks before the wedding are a sacred time and that this would make it very specia, but that, in the meantime, you should have as many memories as possible to carry you both through that special time of abstinence..., other words, get off the forum and make memories!!! imageimage
  • samwuksamwuk Posts: 16
    P.S. To put this into perspective for the groom - even football players before a world cup don't go without for THAT long!

    Plus - you wouldn't want to score too early - to keep the analogy going! ;\)

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  • Too long, neither of us could go without each other for that long!

    But if you guys decide to go for it (or not as the case maybe!) I wish you luck!

  • It was supposed to be a 6 week ban but it didn't quite happen!!! I think you're right, I'm going to woo her & see if we can reduce this 5-week nonsense to a more achievable target!! LOL!
  • PS I like the footballer analogy - she might actually go for that!
  • delightfulukdelightfuluk Posts: 737
    I think it is a lovely idea actually and will really get the excitement building. I say go for it!
  • my h2b & i have just read this thread and discussed the various options. think we're going for a 1 week ban...if we can!!
  • my h2b have already agreed on a sex ban for the month of march , we are getting married march 09!! could be interesting. but then there is always golf on the WII ( his words not mine!! )
  • MrsTil08MrsTil08 Posts: 2,066
    Ha i suggested this to my h2b and he looked at me like i had lost my mind! However he does have an EXTREMELY high sex drive, somtimes it's hard to keep up with him! It's obviously not going to be an option for us! xxx
  • amya5557amya5557 Posts: 8
    We haven't gone for a sex ban as we don't want to put any pressure on our first night as a married couple. Anyway, we need something to relieve the stress of planning!!
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    we tried this - honest - and we're not rabbits and have been together so long now the lust magic went in the same direction as my undies drawer - very plain and simple.... anyway.... we were going to go for 10 weeks ban - but have failed already! ... so once hen and stag dos out the way and all our sexual frustration has been taken out on each other we're thinking of 5 weeks up to the wedding night.

    It's probably not going to last - but then again with all the exhuasting planning, stressing and light nights of me being on here and him on his x-box it's still very plausable.

    Going to be realistic here and think we will not be in our h'moon suite until 2:30am earliest - after a long and emotional and boozey day. Chances of that ban lifting ??? I'd prefer to say the morning after the night before - about 10 mins before we need to go down to b'fast and say hello to our guests all over again! ha ha.

    Happy - getting-it-all-out-of-your-systems- before the ban starts

    c xx
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