[color=darkblue]Chocolate Brown Suits - Where can I get one?

Hi Girls,

We've decided on chocolate brown for the suits, and we have had a look in Slaters, Debenhams and Moss Bross so far, but nothing is really standing out. My H2B ideally wants a 3 piece suit with the waistcoat also in choc brown, and a coffee coloured cravat. We thought the rest of the party could have a cream waistcoat to make him stand out, but we are stuggling to find anything suitable.

Do you have any ideas / suggestions? We've considered buying a suit but again, we couldn't find a 3 piece chocolate brown suit with matching waistcoat.

Thanks for your help! x


  • TriTreadTriTread Posts: 313
    We're having brown top and tails as well. We've gone to Well Groomed Formal Men's Hire in Poole. There is a place in Guildford as well but I'd have to root out the name.
  • gemma_gidleygemma_gidley Posts: 167
    Try Youngs, I know they do one but it's more expensive than their standard suit hire. The tricky bit will be the waistcoat for your hubby-to-be but you could always get it made.

  • Youngs look good, they have a double breasted waistcoat which looks v smart and there is one fairly local to me (Birmingham) so I'll def look there - thanks!
  • mat1974mat1974 Posts: 13
    I had brown suits for my wedding, they were from Pronuptia in Newcastle. Really smart and a bit different from the usual black
  • LAstonLAston Posts: 18
    We are near Birmingham too and got chocolate brown suits and waistcoats from Duncan James in Walsall. Think they have a website. I have heard really good reviews about them too. Worth a try?
  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Hiya, i have ordered our choc brown suits from greenwoods xx
  • MancityMancity Posts: 672
    we have got our from slaters - i think they are called Prince Edward suits but they don't sell them you can only hire them
  • oldbird42oldbird42 Posts: 515
    Our chocolate brown suits are hired from Greenwoods too! If you go onto their web page and request a brochure you get a discount voucher too!

    Good Luck.
  • mel_71mel_71 Posts: 95
    we've got ours in crowthore - shop called black tie
  • kspriggs39kspriggs39 Posts: 507
    H2B has hired his from Formal Affair in Sutton Coldfield, he got the shoes, trousers, shirt, waistcoat, jacket , cufflinks, cravat and pocket watch for 141 pounds to hire, i think thats quite reasonable! he's having an ivory waistcoat with dark brown pattern and the other men are having the same with a sort of shinier ivory pattern (if you get me) lol xx
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    We're having the bournville in moss bros with sienna waistcoats and h2b in brown cravat. we preferred it to the Youngs brown one as had the subtle stripe in it.

  • FlossukFlossuk Posts: 43
    Pronuptia do a beautiful chocolate brown suit. The woman there also told my H2B that if you couldn't find a waist-coat / cravat in a colour you like, if you buy the material in the colour you want, they will have them made up for you. you could ask if your local store does this? Apaprently they are all franchised stores so it may be different where you are, but worth asking.
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