Boudoir shoot - what to take

Just wanted to share my experience with Mighty Aprodite last week as it was from reading a post on here that inspired me to go!

Naturally nervous, I armed myself with an M&S greek salad (no carbs didn't want to bloat out during the shoot!) and a mini bottle of wine for the train journey to Reading. Tried not to look like an alchy swigging from the bottle!! I then convinced myself that these guys see naked women every day, and got myself in a similar mindframe as if I was going for a smear, (they've seen it all before that sort of thing)

Any way on arrival settled down with a nice cuppa tea followed by a show and tell of my undies. I took about 4 sets and some extra g strings... All a complete waste of time because the best investment by far was a pair of strappy killer heels which I never took off. I only used 2 sets of undies and by far the best pics were the naked ones + shoes. It's been said before but what they do with light and shadows is unbelievable. You get to see the shots they take as you go along and the more you see the more your confidence is boosted. I cannot recommend a boudoir experience highly enough. Zena and Leigh are experts in reassuring you as well as getting the best pics.


  • EJoyukEJoyuk Posts: 224
    That's great to hear that your shoot went well.

    I have also booked with Mighty Aphrodite after reading a recomendation on here from Michelle. She kindly shared some of her photos for me to see. I was so impressed that I booked that day!

    I am not due to have mine till November, so still lots of time to deal with my nerves!!! I am taking my best friend along for a bit of support (although she may sit out for most of the shoot) and we are staying in Reading overnight so that we don't have to travel on the day etc. The only problem is that we have to drive to London after the shoot and so no option to have a few drinks to calm my nerves:\(

    I have been looking for underwear to take today, so its good to hear that you didn't need to use too much.

    Which sets did you choose?

    It would be great to hear more about it all.

  • ooooh my god. I have my session with Mighty Aphrodite this Monday! Am so bricking myself and feel very lacking in confidence! Doing a try-on of all my undies tonight to try and decide what to take!
  • EJoyukEJoyuk Posts: 224
    I'm sure it'll be fine.

    I have only heard good things about them and I had a great conversation with Leigh when I booked it, he made me feel so comfortable.

    So, have you decided what to wear yet? Which sets are you going for?

    Is the shoot a wedding present for your h2b? I can't wait for mine to open it and see the pictures on the morning of our wedding. Its a big confidence thing for me. I'm not huge, size 12 but I have no confidence in my body and so my h2b will hopefully appreciate the gutts that it will have taken as well as the actual pictures.

    I can't wait!!!!
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    Hi Ejoy

    Just wanted to let you know that my finished album arrived yesterday and it's unbelievable... The quality of the pics are fabulous and much much better than digital images that you make your final selection from. I chose the glamour set as well as at the window. With the glaomour you get the beautiful black reflective tiled floor as well as the textured black wallpaper and with the at the window you also get the pole. I wanted a dark and a light set. out of the 11 pics I finally chose I am only wearing undies in ONE - and i only really did that cos I thought I should at least put one in the ablum of me with something on! good luck for November
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    Well done you! I went there last October (was it really that long ago already?!) and husband loved the results so much we're going back for a couples' shoot this October, for our anniversary. They really are lovely people and very good at what they do.
  • EJoyukEJoyuk Posts: 224

    I am so pleased to hear that the album is even better than you expected.

    I have been so busy with wedding plans, but then I remember that I have booked it and the nerves hit me!!

    I am still undecided on sets and so I am going to give Leigh a call and have anoher chat with him.

    Also been thinking about what undies to take, I hink y prooved that I shouldn't worry too much in taking loads. I'm sure I'l ony end up taking it off anyway!! hehe.

    Thanks for letting me know how you got on.

    Evangeline - Great to her you had a good experience too!

  • yep - all you really need is a pair of sexy high heels!!
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