White suits?

My husband-to-be wants to wear a white suit and says he'll pay for my 3 grown-up sons to wear them too. We originally thought of linen but cotton or even mixed synthetic & natural fibres would be OK. We're trying to keep costs down and don't know where to go! Went to E-Bay and no joy (don't mind if they're new or second-hand, as long as they're white & matching) Anybody got any ideas? Need to sort this BEFORE the wedding (it's in April next year but how long will it take to find the menswear desired?) Doesn't need to be a tux, an ordinary white jacket & trousers would be acceptable. Please help!



  • Blyth1982Blyth1982 Posts: 4
    NEXT have white Linen Suits that are faitly cheap. I also recently went to Moss brothers in Nottingham. Me and my brother are wearing white linen, but we decided not to wear the jackets. I got both our outfits, including trousers, waistcoats, ties, shirts and flip flops for just under 300 pound for the both of us. I believe as a whole suit Moss brothers sell them for around 95 pound inc trousers and jacket.
  • Hiya

    I can help, my partner, his best man and my 2year old son is wearing white and they have hired their suites from Slaters for £87 each. They also do the same suite in cream.

    I would try there before you go to Moss Bros as they can be expensive. Burtons also do the suites but as we don't have a Burtons close enough we opted for Slaters.

    I hope that this helps.

    Good Luck


  • crofty75crofty75 Posts: 842
    Try M and S or Moss Bros. We were going to go with linen but they crumple so badly that after sitting down in them for a while they look like a bunch of rags.

    I would get a cotton or silk mix suit. You can get some very light wool suits, as we have had made, with a silk mix, and we are gtting married in cyprus!!!!
  • smit218253smit218253 Posts: 95
    Greenwoods suit hire do a white 1, ive got them in chocolate for my own wedding a wk today.
  • I want my man in a white suit so he will stand out from the others but hes being really annoying about it ! I also don't know what to suggest that the ushers and best man wears that will compliment my h2b
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