what can all the men wear!

help is needed with what to put the men in. my parnter wants a grey suit with matching waistcoat and wants to buy it, however do i put the best man and the ushers in the same suits and what about my dad (brides dad) he said she has to wear the same as them does he or not. only trouble we are having is that the ushers cant aford thier suits not even to hire them and we cant shell out for them all on our own and my dad is very big so need suits that go up to his size.

please help do they need the same or can they be different, will this look ok arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


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    Well, I'm unsure about your situation, but here's what we are doing. We are having chocolate brown. H2B is buying his, but we are hiring others. It means H2Bs may be a different shade or style, but we don't mind this. We are unsure yet about having my dad in the same suit, but feel it might be nice for him to have something different as he is not actually one of the grooms men. We are thinking that he will wear a matching waistcoat and cravat but not necessarily the same suit. We would struggle to get them all in the same outfit though as my dad and brother are emigrating next month!!!!
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    my fiance is having a grey suit with a grey wastcoat. all his ushers (4), best mand and both our dads are wearing grey suits. they are all hiring thier own. works out about £30 each as the groom is free with moss bros (where he is hiring them from) so he spliting the cost with everyone and paying the same himself.
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