Stag Night in Nottingham?!

Help! My H2B is having a little hissy fit that he can't find anywhere to stay in Nottingham on a budget for about 10 people (I very much doubt he has looked!). His Best Man is being no help at all - they need a kick up the backside! I was thinking of just casually leaving some info about.... haha. I think they'd really appreciate it!

So... any ideas? Or places to visit while there?



  • amya5557amya5557 Posts: 8
    My other half is having his stag in Nottingham this August Bank Holiday weekend. He is staying in the Travelodge central - £60 per room per night, up to 3 per room but that is one sofa bed and a double between you (very cosy!!). Hope this helps
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    There are lots of travel lodges / comfort hotel type places in Nottingham and they are probably going to be the cheapest out of all the places to stay.

    There are the Galleries of Justice - not as scary as the dungeons but still a giggle - they could also go up to Nottingham Castle but thats only fun if they like museum type stuff really.

    The night life is pretty good and there is the ice arena for skating / shows / hockey depending when he's going.

    There are also the Tales of Robin Hood but unless you are under 15 and not from the UK its unlikely to be the best thing ever lol.
  • anitaxxanitaxx Posts: 975
    Hi i am from nottingham and we have an amazing night life from 24 hr

    pubs and clubs, casinoes and the likes. We are home to trent bridge cricket ground dont know if your h2b is a fan but it is cricket season right now so he could catch a game. We also have lazer quest and some paintballing sites if thats something he is in to. OMG i sound like i work for the tourist board but i dont honestly. There are some great B&B on the outskirts of the city center (10min) walk although i wouldnt recommend them,personally i would go for one of the city center hotels which are about £60 per night fro a double room. If your h2b is anything like mine he wouldnt remember what the inside of the room looks like because he would be too busy drinking. Any way hope this helps

  • i live in nottingham and there ar eloads of cheap places to stay. there is a brand new ibis hotel right in the centre which looks lovely and is about £50 per night per room (so they can obviously split it).

    a really cheap hotel which is ok but not glamourous (i'm sure boys won't mind it) id the brittania hotel which can work out about £30 for bed and breakfast

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