3 best men - will it work???

My h2b has a dilema concerning his best man. 3 contenders all for very different reasons.

firstly a long time friend who did the job first time around - but is a bit of a homeboy and wouldn't want to do the stag weekend bit

secondly a friend of 5 years, who is a great laugh, would make the stag weekend the best

thirdly his dad, who he is very close to but wouldn't go on stag weekend and hates making speeches.

I came up with the idea of having all three!

The first one to do the speect

the second one to be inchange of the stag weekend

and his dad to be beside him at the church with the rings.

He's not sure................come on girls I've told him you all know the answers, what do you think???


  • louise1981uklouise1981uk Posts: 1,031
    Have one as bestmen, and the others can be ushers. There is no reason why the ushers cannot do a speech or organise the stag party.

  • mich26mich26 Posts: 605
    Hi i just thought id say my mate got married 3 yeasr ago and her husband couldnt decide who to have out of his three mates who to be best man. One of them was my h2b, so he had all 3 as best men and it worked really really well, It was lovely they all got together to work on a sppech and did little bits each it was really nice xxxx
  • Hey

    Just to say that my fiance's having three best men: his brother, a mate he's known all his life and his best mate from uni (who he's known about 7 years and who is also a close friend of mine). We love this since it brings together all the aspects of his life.

    I have to say that I don't think his dad should be a best man; dad's have their own role to play at a wedding anyway. And then just have two best men - both of the weddings I went to last summer had two best men!
  • LTS_3LTS_3 Posts: 40
    I am having my two best mates (they dont know this yet!) .... but seeing this thread I want three now with my brother! haha
  • badgerno1badgerno1 Posts: 691
    We are having 3 aswell x
  • LolyukLolyuk Posts: 410
    We are having 3 best men to and they have all been great so far! Each is doing a speech on the day, one it doubling up as a toast master, one is helping the photographer with the pictures we want, one has organised the stag do. All 3 have come to dance rehearsals with their girlfriends, its been great to have them all involved.

    Also we are sending the rings down a line of best men during the ceremony- thought that would be fairly amusing!

    Its yours and your H2b day and if u want 3 best men then do it! x
  • whitsunday69whitsunday69 Posts: 346
    loly, i love the ideas of extra "chores" for them to carry out on the day....will pass that one on!The rings down the line should be good, I'd get each to pat their pockets as if to say, each has forgotten!lol
  • babyx1uk3babyx1uk3 Posts: 494
    we are having two best men so i really wouldnt worry about having 3, i konw others that have had a few and its worked fine so go ahead and have all 3 i think its a nice way to show that hubby to be likes them all the same aswell.x
  • braddersAbraddersA Posts: 146
    We are having 2 best men. If you want 3 then go for it! Another option is to have dad as an usher...but make him feel extra special on the day.

    H2B has 3 close friends but one is a. not very responsible, b. a bit mad and c. has a memory like a sieve so we've asked him to be page boy. He loves the fact that he's a bit more special than an ordinary usher x good luck x
  • TToniukTToniuk Posts: 894
    I would have one as best man - and find other jobs for the other 2 if it were me.

    Good luck with it
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