please help,

we get married in just over 7wks and we avnt even looked at the mens suites!!!

our theme is choc n orange bms in choc long dresses orange flowers, im in WHITE, h2b will ONLY wear a black suite (tailcoat) but unsure as to what colour waist coat, cravat, hankey, shirt to have?????

please please xx

wot suites are you having if you got a choc n orange hteme or simlar??


  • xxMrsTxxxxMrsTxx Posts: 467
    hi, not having the same theme as you but why doesnt h2b wear his suit with a white shirt, orange buttonhole, white hanky, possibly a brown waitcoat and either a white or an orange cravat.

    hope that helps

  • sammy84uksammy84uk Posts: 780
    well just been to look at suites with h2b and we settled on a black suites and white shirts (he still didnt like the choc) h2b has an ivory/white cravat same colour waist coat (he will match me)

    and the groomsmen will have waist coat woth choc on and choc cravat, looks better than it sounds

    thanks all for your help xx
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