Poor best man


I am using the future Mrs login id to get some advice. My best man is a good mate and would do anything for me. he is just pants organising things. idid my stag do as i couldn't be bothered asking him any more times hows it going. But on my stag do he told mine and the futures inlaw dads that he hasn't got anything for a speech and dosn't know what to say.

What should i do ??


  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666

    How about you buy him a book? Suggest some websites? Send him some links to funny Best Man speeches from youtube??

    Hope this helps!

    x x x
  • Gather him together some stuff from books, websites etc- definitely including info of the things he is meant to cover and tell him that you came across it when looking for stuff for yourself.

    Then maybe make some suggestions as to funny stories etc he could tell?

    It's unfortunate you may basically have to prepare it for him, but for everyone's peace of mind it might be for the best
  • mrsroper2bmrsroper2b Posts: 175
    Thanks both really good info.

    Am going to send him some links now
  • KitsuKitsu Posts: 27
    At the top of the page where 'ideas blogs chat ' is

    go to ideas and today theres a bit about speaches

  • mrsroper2bmrsroper2b Posts: 175
    Cheers.... I have sent him that speeches info!

    Lets hope he reads it!!!

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