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Suit crisis!

My h2b was struggling to find the right suit colour (mid brown) and also finding the same style suit that would fit both himself and his best man. So, we opted to push the boat out and get the 2 suits made. We found a reasonably priced tailor, chose the fabric (from a swatch book) and they arrived last week.

Trouble is, we aren't overjoyed with the colour!!!

It's so difficult to imagine a full suit from a small sample and even though the colour isn't that bad, it's not what we imagined, and in hindsight we wish we had gone for the next shade darker. But if we want to get them remade we have to pay again! What do we do???

Do we be completely extragavant and spend money we haven't got on 2 new suits so that my h2b feels 100% comfortable on his wedding day, or just accept that they aren't exactly the right shade but they'll still look good???

I think that the best mans reaction made everything seem worse because I don't think he likes the colour!


  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    Could you get the fabric dyed a shade darker at all?

    Otherwise you could try selling those suits and ordering new ones in the darker shade 0 you might get some of the money back that way.

    Not sure what else to suggest really.

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