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My boudoir shoot! Help!

I went last week to have my boudoir shoot and it was an amazing experience! I somehow was so at ease, seemingly regardless of the fact I've hated my body for about as long as I can remember! It's all seemed completely surreal since then - but I've just got my photos! I can't quite believe it's me! I really don't know how I'm going to choose??!

I went with Hannah at Midnight Secrets. I was sold by chatting to her on the phone and she sounded very down to earth and I don't think it hurt that she has just gotten married herself and so knew exactly what state I could be in!!

I would totally recommend doing a shoot and especially with Hannah - It's an all female studio, which was really important to me. Both for my comfort as well as I'm not completely sure how it would go down with my soon to be husband if a man had taken all the shots! And she's got a special this year - the package which includes 20 pics in a leather album is £299 - a very good price- especially as so accessible from London. Plus she just makes you feel so at ease and there is no feeling of being rushed - quite the opposite.

I know a lot of girls come on and talk about their fab experience, but I would really say everyone should do this - if you have any questions, please ask away and I may even have my arm twisted to let you see my pics - but you have to help me choose!!!

C x


  • Sounds like you had a great day at your shoot - £299 is a really good price for an album with 20 pictures too :\)

    I'm already booked in at Tempted am going three weeks today and am slightly nervous but excited all in one. I just hope my pictures come out well as I really am not body confident but everyone who has been has said that the photographer Jo is really great.

    I bet it is so hard to pick which pictures to choose for your album. I'm having an album plus all the pictures on a disc just in case I like more than the 23 I can have for the album and get them printed off afterwards.

  • BrideToBeeBrideToBee Posts: 1,026
    cait 23 sounds great im just reading th threads on this type of shoot if you can email me on the link i will ty help you
  • God - hate to say it, but it really is expensive living in London isnt it?!?! I'm just about to go and pick up my album of 35 photos, plus a large framed single picture, which cost me £150 for the lot - including the actual shoot and hair and makeup! And the photos are fabulous (if I do say so myself image)...done by the same woman who's doing our actual wedding photos.

    Joys of living in Scotland I suppose?! image
  • cait23ukcait23uk Posts: 14
    Thanks Bride to bee - have emailed you the link!

    But you must go yourself! And as an aside anyone who did go would get a free framed pick and so would I! So, let me know if you do!

    Lulee - it is bloody expensive down here! Still that sounds like a really good price no matter where you are! Did you do any completely naked ones?! It's amazing how suddenly taking you clothes of just happens!

  • cait23ukcait23uk Posts: 14
    Thanks bridetobee - it does help having someone else's objective point of view!!

    So, you planning on going?! I just think it's gotta be great for everyone's self esteem! Just hope someone can get a picture of H2b's face when he opens it the morning of the wedding (but without anyone else seeing what he's opening - complicated!), don't think he'd ever believe I've do it...but seeing will be believing I guess!!

  • mchibeemchibee Posts: 80
    I'm going to do this also and my h2b actually joked one day and said I should have it done! I was a bit surprised at his reaction because the photographer I picked was actually a man but the other half was like...go for it! He wants to come along to the shoot as well!
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