opinions on shirt/cravat colours - PLEASE??

Basically, H2B and I can't decide on what looks best - dark shirt and paler cravat or pale shirt and dark cravat.

The colour theme is purple so it will be dark purple/lilac that we're choosing for the shirt and tie. Anyone any ideas on which looks best? I'm going a bit nuts here and it's really not worth worrying about to the extent that I am doing! image


  • lushloobylushlooby Posts: 312
    I would go for a paler shirt and a darker cravat as a dark purple shirt may look a bit over-powering and you don't wan him to stand out more than you do! lol!
  • LTS_3LTS_3 Posts: 40
    I'm not sure what I am having yet - thinking possibly ivory shirt with gold cravat, or will probably end up with red, like everyone else does!!
  • We are having white shirts with ivory waist costs and red cravats which are the perfect match to our bridesmaids dresses and dark charcoal morning suits.

    I would say a pale lilac shirt with a purple cravat would look better. Personally I think it looks a bit odd when people have darker shirts and paler cravats. Plus it has true what lushlooby says he will stand out the most in all the pictures and you don't want him to overpower them.

  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    id say pale shirt, dark cravat

    thats what i prefer anyway!!!

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