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Am I the only bloke on this site?

Hi to all the men who remain incognito, but you must be out there somewhere!

Personally I've got 123 days to go, all the planning organising and stuff is all done. Now we just need to sit back, save hard and start paying people.

Honeymoon is booked for Dubai, has anyone else been there? Got any good tips for whats best to do? I fancy a helicoptor flight over those man made islands, any ideas whether or not there available?

Laters, Chilled out man


  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    yea, your probably the only one brave enough to admit your male and on this site. good on ya.

    all the best.

  • VaneonVaneon Posts: 28
    Hey good on you !

    Dubai is lovely and take lots of money for all the shopping ! I would suggest you hire a car as the taxi trips can add up and it is relatively easy to get around. Would highly recommend a Desert Safari trip too, they take you deep into the desert, you get the chance to sandboard down the dunes and have a lovely dinner under the stars. We opted to sleep over in the desert and it was fantastic ! The beaches are beautiful and very clean and the water is lovely.

    I am sure you're gonna have a great time ! Our wedding is a week after yours ! Good luck with all the planning and paying !


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  • fudgeedoofudgeedoo Posts: 2
    BOO! Hey dont forget me.... I came and had a look here a couple of weeks ago but gave up when the "for the groom" section was full of brides (to be). Anyway, good to see that I am not the only man who has an interest in this wedding planning business. Sounds like you have chosen the honeymoon destination well. We are having a mini tour of Italy with 3 nights in Rome, an overnight stop in Florence then a week in a Private villa in Cortona which is in the Tuscan hills. It was supposed to be a surprise but got nagged to breaking point so told Penguin what I was planning, but it was nice to book things together after that.
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    ....I don't remember nagging that much!! Well.... no more than usual!!

    That's my man everyone!!! Say hello - he's lovely!!

  • Hi Penguin H2B,

    We considered Italy too! Top of the list was a split visit between Florence & Rome, but we we only have a week, and thought it'd be better to go for the chilling out by the pool option. The villa in the Tuscan hills sounds great, hope it all goes well.

    Also, if your on-line today Stress Free Girl. Happy pre-anniversary. 4 months to go today!

    laters .COM
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  • Yes COM - I'm here! Wanted to see what you were talking about now. Happy 4 months to go to you - let's celebrate with a bottle of champange tonight.

    I'm so glad there's another couple out there - or least another man brave enough to admit he's reading the site. Hello Penguins!

  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    Hiya SFG and CMO - it is nice to "meet" another couple as you say.

    I've heard Dubai is fantastic - but after Italy I'm aiming to get us to South Africa to see penguins (can't afford Antarctica - £4,500v- £26,000 each to go there....).
  • your not the only bloke mate, but i use the mrs login! Dubai is sweet! laid back and well posh! U should be able to get a i rde in a helicopter no probs
  • Cheers Mate! I have found a helicoptor company in Dubai. check out the site, way cool

    Actually I didn't find it, W2b has contacts all over the place thru work, works out for 30 mins close to £500! Q: Is that a rude amount of money, or a one off that you just can't miss?

    I know what W2b thinks!!!

  • puntobabepuntobabe Posts: 446
    It's good to see a bloke on here tbh, it seams that most of us girls on here complain about our htb not putting his all into the planning etc, but with you being signed up on here shows that not all out htb's are the same, that you want to help with the planning etc. your btb is very lucky to have you
  • Hi SFG n COM!

    I haven't told my man about this site as I'm scared he'll read all my gossip n find out all about my stories!

    I just got back from Dubai yesterday. Only went for a quick 3day/4night break, but totally loved it!!

    Check out the buddha bar at the grovsenor hotel, it is unbelievable!! has some info on it, but doesn't have the dubai one on there for some wierd reason, but the photo's of the others are very similar.

    If you are looking for fakes designer gear n can't afford the real thing like me, try going to a place called 'karama'. Its an area thats easily reachable by taxi. Don't forget to haggle though as they always start off at double what they expect to take!

    Have fun!


    PS I think I saw somewhere that you are getting wed on 7th Oct (?), us too!!
  • Hey Twinkle,

    Thanks for the info on Buddha bar, had a quick spin on their site, so may well check it out while were there. Where did you stay? We're booked into the Jumerai Beach, but it's a rude amount of money unless it's for a honeymoon!

    Also congrats theres only 107 days left for us both. How real is it getting for you now?

    Laters .COM
  • andynjoandynjo Posts: 13
    Hiya all, im a man aswell.. well last time i checked.. lol BUT i hide behind the W2B.. Just had to call in and say HELLOOOO ..

  • andynjoandynjo Posts: 13
    andy .. you dont need hide behind me and im glad we both do things together.
  • We stayed at Le Meridien which is near the airport....great hotel! The buddha bar is right by your hotel (attached to the grosvenor house hotel), def wortha trip, even if you just pop in for a cocktail (food is fab too tho). I've heard afternoon tea at the burj is amazing too!

    Its all getting VERY real now! I got my wedding ring whilst I was in Dubai (gold souk). They do some great deals on white gold and platinum and diamonds, as well as their more traditional gold, which is quite yellow. We went for platinum. You wearing a ring?
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    I think it's great some guys want to post on here. I think men should have more input into the weddings. I must say i'm not a fan of the women doing whatever they want with the day and calling it 'our' day. I'm so desperately trying to get my fella involved with everything! but then I guess lots of men don't want to do lots of organising so it often gets left to the bride to do the work.
  • Hi Twinkle,

    Yuhuh, of course I'm wearing a ring! When I chose SFG's engagement ring I chose Platinum, so the wedding bands are the same. Already bought them, way back in January! Man in shop told us that they wouldn't put platinum in the sale as they didn't need to, but it was a cold damp day just after Xmas and with a little nudge we got 10% discount. I bet we still paid way more than you did in Dubai, but a least there now well and truly paid for, and not another looming expense!

    And to all the other boys, come on lads get involved, else you might end up in the rocky shops of horror wedding! I'm upto my neck in it and loving it. I've even designed and am making the pew ends to save a big chunk of cash, so's I can justify helicoptor rides and stuff with dune buggies on the honeymoon.

    Will be down to the 100 day marker tomorrow. Chamagne will flow!
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678

    You'll love Dubai!! My sis lived there for 4 years and there's loads of places to recommend.

    Ski Dubai is worth a look, even if just for the surreal feeling of wearing a snowsuit in the cold in the middle of a desert.

    Definitely go for an Arabian Nights trip. They pick you up in a freelander and take you offroading in the desert - absolutely fantastic! Then you go off to a camp and there's food, bellydancing and camel riding (unique experience but needs to be done) etc before they take you back home. Works out about £70 quid each for the whole day but worth every penny.

    Tea at the Burj Al Arab is a must. Most amazing place and a definite must see.

    Also - take a boat trip down Dubai Creek. Get to see old and new dubai. Then a wander round the souk for bit of bartering is definitely worth it. If b2b likes pashminas stock up here!!

    Finally - before I bore you to tears with Dubai (I absolutely love the place and was gutted when my sis moved home this year, though obviously nice to have her back!) go to the Dubai Marina. They have a market every friday - only small but nice. The fountain outside starbucks is great to watch at night when its all lit up.

    Could go on for ages!

    You'll have a fantastic time.

    PS - If you do decide to hire a car then drive carefully! They all drive like maniacs out there - I personally wouldn't do it! Cabs aren't that expensive really, though it could all add up I guess
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    Oh and one more thing.....

    If your b2b fancies bit of pampering then don't bother with the hotel beauty parlour. There's a place called Pretty Lady and its fab! Manicures, pedicures, eyebrows, waxing...the lot. All very reasonable, just remember to tip them! Highly recommended image

  • I just joined up today... Don't know how often I'll use this site as the other [soon-to-be] half is in charge of the organizing. I only have to turn up on the day and give her a hug when she gets stressted out image
  • ok iwgunter

    thats what i thought just turn up in something apporpirate (i.e. not shorts t-shirt and can of beer) but suddenly she wants me to sort things but they have to be her way.

    hope you do have it that easy

    good luck ;\)
  • Dubai is amazing - you will love it. I won a trip their with work earlier this year and stayed in the Jumeriah beach hotel. Take plenty of money as there are loads of huge shopping malls (ones got a ski slope in it)! I would definatly recommend you go dune driving as that was a wicked experience. We went on the extreme trip so it did get a bit bumpy.

    Good luck with the wedding.
  • sonya75sonya75 Posts: 153
    Hi to all the men who remain incognito, but you must be out there somewhere!

    Personally I've got 123 days to go, all the planning organising and stuff is all done. Now we just need to sit back, save hard and start paying people.

    Honeymoon is booked for Dubai, has anyone else been there? Got any good tips for whats best to do? I fancy a helicoptor flight over those man made islands, any ideas whether or not there available?

    Laters, Chilled out man
    hi iam nik getting married to sonya september next year nothing organized on my side yet no best man no stag do no suit cant make mind up anything at the moment any advice:\?
  • Hi all, just reassuring the blokes that I too am male (using w2b's login - 'cos I can't be bothered signing up - also am too busy actually keeping wedding organisation on track to be bother spending too much time on site like this - usually just lurk to get info, them ping off again)

    Anyway, good luck lads - try not to get overwelmed by all the ladies and the overabundance of oestrogen-laden emotion!

  • I know you all must be out there somewhere!

    Nik, you've got the easy bit really! Pick your best man first, shouldn't be too hard but top tips are;

    Someone who will actually turn up on the day.

    Someone who won't kill you if you keep talking weddings / plans / impending doom etc... (and trust me there'll be some of all of this)

    Someone your W2b doesn't hate is useful.

    After that it's simple, go to your local tailor / suit hire place, pick up brochure then leave lying around for W2b to read, point out the one you like, then discuss the size of wedding and who you'll be fitting out, by the end of it you'll know exactly what she expects then you just go in and sort it. These people do this all the time and quite frankly my tailor basically chose my outfits, they know what suits what size person and it's job done. We had final fittings for me, the best man and father of bride on Saturday and it took 17 minutes.

    On the stag do front, your best man organises it, so pick a best man with taste! Or don't have one! We're having a STEN, joint Stag and Hen night. 1, this should keep it civilised (I'm not keen on being tied to a lampost) and 2, We have joint friends and family we both would invite.

    Other advice,

    1, Remember that contrary to the way it's portrayed it's also your day and if you have plenty of input now you won't end up complaining later!

    2, Do plenty of research, especially on stuff you know nothing about / costs alot! You can save a small fortune if you look in the right places!

    3, Wear sunscreen!

    Enjoy .COM

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  • KT2BKT2B Posts: 220
    i've been to dubai as well and agree with all of saint-bertie's suggestions! Totally fab, so much to do. Though I've been there already, h2b is keen to go there - so much to do! Must is cocktails at night at the top of the burj al arab as well!

    Fab food, great weather at the right time of the year etc!

    image enjoy!
  • mattselbymattselby Posts: 314

    Although I've never been to Dubai, I am a man and I'm on the forums image

    (Although my position is 'Newbride2b'... Rubbish image


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  • Don't worry mate, I'm a Bridezilla!!! (I e'd Webeditor, but nothing they can do apparently, still if you get to about 10 posts you become a wedding addict which is better)


    Oh I see you have hit wedding addict!!

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