dancing lessons!

My H2B is really worried about our first dance as he thinks he has two left feet! Has anyone got any feedback on dancing lessons - have you taken them with ur h2b or got any other suggestions to calm his nerves? Any dvds or other ideas that might help??:\(



  • Hi fairybride,

    I brought my h2b to dancing lessons in the local school and we have found them brilliant. However i am in Ireland i dont know if there are Adult education classes near you. It might be worth looking into. You would probably meet people in the same situation as you. Also they would not be as expensive as getting private lessons.

    My h2b has 2 left feet also and he is finding it easy enough and now feels that we can do a waltz without looking stupid. :\)

    Hope it all goes well

  • jenfurukjenfuruk Posts: 115
    Thanx celine - will look into whether there are similar classes round by us. Good luck with the dancing!

    X :\)
  • Celine, can I ask where in Ireland your dance classes are? I'm in Co. Antrim, so would be interested in the class for me and h2b if it were close by!
  • Dont worry its going to take me the next 18 months to get my h2b any rythm unless you can buy it now!!! As he dances like a gorrilla on steriods!!!!
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    if you want a DVD to practice with before going to classes, you could try Dance With Len Goodman (i'm going to get it to encourage my OH)
  • jenfurukjenfuruk Posts: 115
    Ive seen that dvd advertised on amazon. I think i might give that a try. Ta very much!

  • annapriceannaprice Posts: 148
    Hi fairybride,

    Depends on the kind of music you're having but if you really want to make an impression on your guests, try salsa - the lessons are really sociable and it's a great way to keep fit as well as being amazing to watch!

  • Hi Sahara1666,

    Unfortunately i am in Dublin. So i reckon that would be a bit to far for just a class.

    Good luck with finding a class.

    Sorry i cant be more help

  • mattselbymattselby Posts: 314
    We're having lessons for the rumba image

    I've really got into dancing since we started lessons last year (and since watching Brendan on Strictly Come Dancing image

    I really wanted to dance a jive (so did Nikki) but she reckoned it would be tricky with her dress.
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    Hi fairybride, have you looked at first dance on the internet? Its a website and they have choreographers all over the uk. They teach you a dance for any song of your choice (ie your first dance song) and come to your home to do it. Me and my h2b are thinking of doing this as a surprise for the guests so theres a bit more to look at than us just shuffling round the room!! xx
  • I've just got hold of a copy of Angela Rippon's Ballroom Dancing DVD, so will let you know how we get on!
  • Successfully learnt a basic waltz thanks to excellent instruction on the Angela Rippon DVD. Good luck girls!
  • salsaspinsalsaspin Posts: 4,098
    DVD's can be great, but nothing beats having a lesson with someone you can actually interact with!

    You could try thee websites for local dance schools across GB:

    www.firstdance.co.uk - they are specialists in wedding dances



    Alternatively just try googling dance lessons!

    Good luck!
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