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Getting your Groom to the church?

Just wondering what knid of transport to get for my groom the morning of! I was going to get a performance car untill started looking in to it and its soooo expencive. So know dont know what to do?


  • Hi, i'm quite lucky as my dad has a lovely classic car and he is letting h2b drive it to the church! If we didn't have this option my h2b had said that he would have been happy to walk to church as its only 5 mins from home! Everyone's a winner, lol!

  • I'm getting ready at our venue so we've booked a proche limo to get all of the boys i.e. dads, ushers, groom, BM to the hotel! (We're having everythng in the one place). It's about £250 which I was really impressed with and at least it means they can all go together in one car!
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    H2B, BM and one of his ushers are going in a BMW X5 that belongs to my mum's friend and he's driving them lol
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    i hired a car for me and my mam, but venue was 15minute drive so hubby and our kids went it in first. It was a classic car, my eldest wasnt highly impressed (it only drove 20-30 miles)
  • My H2b is having a vintage London Route master big red bus! Up until a month ago he was a bus driver, so it was something he really wanted. We are useing it to transport all the guests from the ceremony to the reception to!
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    We are having a Bentley Flying Spur which will collect the groom, his parents and best man and will then come back after dropping them off for me and my Dad, he seems quite impressed with it x
  • I have booked a Porsche 911 turbo to pick my h2b up as a suprise! it will only fit him so the others are going to go in taxis prob??

    We are too hopefully having a routemaster to take guests to the reception then all of us from the reception to the hotel at the end of the night.

    mrsfitztobe can I ask how much you are paying?

  • i have got a ferrari for my h2b and it only cost 200! i thought this was really good. other quotes i had were a lot more than this. I got this from xx
  • my h2b only lives roung corner to church, so he says hes just gonna get lift with one of the family. would of been nice for him to travel in sports car or something. but seeing as its like a minute away. i think theres no point
  • All those cars sound amazing! Ive booked the A team van to take H2b and ushers to the church- should be a good laugh for them all!!!image

  • Hi Jo 83

    We are based in South Yorkshire and are paying £350 for the Route Master. We have it for about 3 hours in total. That includes it being decorated, and you have to have a conductor on it, ours will be dressed as a chimney sweep, as apparently thats a Yorkshire tradition??!!!
  • sorry for sounding daft but can i just ask what is a routemaster??
  • a routemaster is an old style double decker red london bus, with an open platform at the back, which is why you have to have a conductor.
  • Quoted:
    i have got a ferrari for my h2b and it only cost 200! i thought this was really good. other quotes i had were a lot more than this. I got this from xx

    where did you get that cake topper in your avatat pic?? hope you dont mind me asking just love and and havnt seen one like that
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    the a team van how cool, u can also hire out del boys (only fools and horses) van
  • :hi i thought of getting my h2b a tandem bicyle for him and his best man as the church is only five minutes away...wat do you reckon girls will he be impressed;;;;;image
  • hi sammy84,

    I havent got that cake topper, just got the image off google, but this is the cake topper i would like to get as well.

    Ive seen it around but i cant remember where now!! if i do i will let u know
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    I went to a country fayre recently and whilst there had a ride in a helicopter... H2B was at home on sofa too hung over too move and he was gutted to have missed out.... this gave me the grand idea of arranging a surprise helicopter flight for him to arrive at the ceremony with his Dad and best man. Cost is about 500 to 600 pounds for 15 minute flight. It's a huge amount of money and we're already struggling with our budget... I just keep thinking stick it on my credit card and worry about it later... My dad reckons it's a good idea but to spend that money on it would just be ridiculous.... any thoughts???
  • Can i ask where you got the A team van from. I really want to do it as a surprise but can only find the one thats in Bristol. I live in Southampton so the milage cost will be loads

  • MartineG110709 - what company did you get the porsche limo from? xxx

  • I'm going to be in a black Mazda 6, the h2b is going to be in a metallic silver Audi TT.

    My brother was kind enough to pay for the cars and the drivers, and they're both cars we love.
  • Hi i'm looking for a routemaster bus that can come to the liverpool area any suggestions i'm stuggling to find one that is not in London?
  • me too except I'm in the wiirral- the ones I've seen have all been manchester way
  • Hi,

    Im looking to hire the Life on Mars Ford Cortina.

    Ive found a website but am waitng to hear back from them as it is THE ACTUAL one from the show and Ive got a feeling it is only available for events and displays etc............

    If not, it will be the A team van as they can all arrive together then,..... brilliant!
  • b2bMay09 - I'm so sorry, I've only just looked at this post again! It's from a company called A1 stretch limos who are based in herts!

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