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  • Hiya Annette,

    Yeah thanks paper arrived yesterday - dead chuffed with it!!!!


  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663
    I am getting small things and wrapping them up and putting messages on them to give to H2B on the morning of the wedding e.g.

    pair of socks - so you don't get cold feet

    miniature of wisky - for dutch courage!

    bottle of water - so your throat is not dry

    a rolo - because I love you enough


    Ahhhh I love your ideas rhian2! image
  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663
    Sorry, quickly clicked off H2B came in the room, its

    I had 1 of these done for my Dad last year for his 60th.

    It was BRILLIANT! Carefull though, cos I ordered extra copies, and when I'd made payment they mailed to say I'd get a free copy.

    Might be worth ordering just the one and getting free one if that's going to be enough needed?

    They really are a great gif!
  • RhianukRhianuk Posts: 659
    ohmygodmt, glad you like the ideas! I am always on the lookout for more things (not too expensive though!) so please let me know if you have any ideas too.
  • I bought the framed 'newspaper' article...its fab.

    Also bought a tshirt each for the day after the wedding when we go over to the pub with all the gang. They arrived today and are ace!! Really good quality and defo worth the price. Take a look on this link. So excited to see h2b's face!!
  • I've just booked with FYEO!! Am a bit scared as it's totally not the sort of thing I'd normally do, but my h2b saw their stand at the national wedding show at the NEC and said he'd love me to do it. I said no chance at the time but thought about it again and read some of the stuff on here and decided I really wanted to do it!! I'm trying so hard not to tell him - doing well so far but not booked until 21st March so plenty of time to slip up!! It is quite pricy, but if you can get a recommendation it's only £150 and then £60 per photo afterwards. That includes a make over and 90 minutes of photography.

  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi all

    Just had great idea for present for h2b. A helicoptor flight. He's always wanted to fly in a helicoptor, so what a perfect excusse. Just checked, and local airport do pleasure flights for as little as £35. Oh Im so excited, he's going to love in.

    They also can fly you to your wedding, which would of been great, but we are getting married in Cyprus!!

    Hope this will help others too.

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