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Advice as to who pays for men's suit hire

Hi guys and gals.

Can I ask what you are doing about payment of the mens suit hire? I think we should pay for everybodies because we are paying for everything else, including the bridesmaids outfits. However my groom thinks the guys should pay for their own as he had to pay for his when he was best man at a mate's recent wedding. I would feel less awkward copromising and paying half for everybody but I still think we should pay for it all. What is everyone else doing or their views of this?

Cheers, x


  • Hi I was just debating this very subject last night with H2b, I think compromise is probably best, yes I know we have ASKED them to be part of OUR big day, so it may seem a little cheeky to ask them to fork out BUT most reasonable wouldnt mind paying half towards it, its a special day & if they were coming as guests reckon they would probably end up spending more on clothes for the day. Men's suit hire is cheap in relation to anything us girls have to pay, so their going to chip in £50.00 ish each max.

    Were going for the pay half towards it plan by the way & have found a very reasonable online company,, have a look.

    good luck
  • lollyuklollyuk Posts: 61

    Hi we have paid for everybodys same as the bridesmaids! If you rent 4 suits in some places the groom goes free.

  • Hello,

    We plan on paying for everyone in the bridal party (my Dad, best man and ushers) Not sure about future father-in-law as he may not be up for wearing a morning suit so may just wear a standard suit. Up to him I suppose.
  • Emma_GiffordEmma_Gifford Posts: 1,589
    we have paid for everyone - and TBH with you H2B had to pay to be usher a few years ago and even though we never complained - we were a bit pissed off about it and everyone was bitching about it cos it wasnt really said at the time and at the last minute money was asked of everyone and we had never heard of this before.

    even paying half towards it is something - compromise is probably best.

  • LilycatukLilycatuk Posts: 467
    Thanks everyone, I'm glad no-one has said "get them to pay for it"!! That has eased my mind somewhat and we'll have another talk about it tonight. - Went looking today and have found a nice suit but it's going to be £81 without the shoes so perhaps compromise is the way to go.

    Thanks V. much everyone.

    Oh and thanks for the website Brownie. Have looked but think we'll go where we can try the outfits on - H2B is rather paranoid to say the least about having a jacket too big in the shoulders - makes him look like he's got a shrunken head (following a bad suit experience in the past)!!!
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    we're paying for both the suits and the bm's dresses
  • LilycatukLilycatuk Posts: 467
    Thanks wife2b. Think we're on the compromising route still at the moment.
  • shelnpaulshelnpaul Posts: 126
    I am hoping they will all chip in as its my dad and H2B dad and brother I am hoping they will help.

    We are going to Greenwoods for ours as we booked it at 2005 prices and the groom goes free - they hire all the tails and trousers but keep the waistcoat and cravat and shirt which is a nice keep sake i think they get free cufflinks. Plus as our family are all over the uk once H2B decides which style/colour etc he wants they can go into a greenwoods nr them and get measured for theirs - fab!
  • rammyukrammyuk Posts: 1,608
    our ushers & best nmen are paing fot theres
  • thanks all, have decided to pay for the dads and the 7yr old and ask the others to chip in £30 each.

    I think that'll work out okay for everyone. Thanks again all. xx
  • Hi Lilycat

    I am of a mauritian background - and for our weddings it is tradition for the brides family to buy the groom his suit and for the grooms family to buy the bride her dress

  • Thanks jokerfairground, that's a nice tradition xx
  • EmmA1981ukEmmA1981uk Posts: 1,065
    were paying for the bm dresses and the mens suits
  • our bms are paying for their own but only 65quid off ebay and groomsmen paying for own kilt hire £50....we are having 7 bmaids and 5 groomsment though so couldnt afford to pay for all
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