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Anyone's hubby wearing Marc Wallace suit?

I've found this great menswear supplier and I just wanted to know if anyone has used it and can let me know what the suits were like and the service? They have some really funky menswear, they sell these suede shoes that come in lilac, orange, blue or pink and as pink is 1 of my main colours I'm trying to convince the other half to get a pair but he's not too sure. What do you girls reckon to them & could you persuade your bloke to wear them!

The link to their website is below and the pink shoes are under 'shop online, shoes, limited edition shoes' as I'm having trouble attaching photos I have tried but I don't know if it's worked





  • Hi Sam

    I haven't been there myself but I've heard plenty of good reviews regarding this shop. Will be planning on getting my suit from early next year.


    P.S They done a web chat on here a while back. Heres the link

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  • Hi Mrs Jenkins 2B,

    My Husband and I visited the Marc Wallace shop last year to seek out a made to measure suit for him. The staff were great in putting him in different suit combinations and wrote everything down of interest to him, In the end we opted for a Gieves and Hawkes hand made suit but we did but all of Bridal party accessories from Marc Wallace as the quality was superb. My husband went for the shirt, cufflinks, waistcoat, tie wrap, hankerchief all by Marc Wallace and we bought matching ties for the FOB and ushers. I would definietly recoomend paying a visit to the shop as they really are very helpful indead. The quality of the items shows though (I think anyway!) Have a look at our pics from the day as this may help you??

    Anyway good luck and if you have any other questions then please do let me know. xx
  • Hello MrsCouldn'tBeHappier,

    Im really interested in Marc Wallace as well. Are the suits quite expensive? Also do you know if they hire out their suits for the bext man etc?

    Thanks xxx
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Hello, my husband bought his (and the best man's suit from Marc Wallace. We were really happy with them! The service was fantastic, quality impeccable. Naomiruth, as it's a tailors, Marc Wallace doesn't hire suits.

    For a made to measure suit, you're looking at £995. Off the rack is about £200 cheaper, from recollection. My husband had a shirt M2M as well which was £95 I think.
  • Great. Thanks Gindi very helpful...
  • my h2b is wearing march wallace too... i love it! All the models look so yummy in hteir brichure so cant wait to see my man in it!!! They also do fab little gift sets of a tie wrap and cufflinks which we will be getting for our ushers and best man fo rhte day - about £50 it hink...
  • Thanks for your responses ladies! Right that's it he is wearing those pink suede shoes or I'm not going through with it! Joking of course! I'm really reassured by what you have said so we are going to pay a visit to the shop! I'm so excited!

    Sam x
  • there stuff is wonderful i have a brochure at home though they are expensive (to me anyway)!
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