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My H2B has bad spots, not acne but bad enough, he has had them since we met 6 years ago he is now 29, and I am running out of advice to give him. Really want them to clear up for the wedding in 16 weeks any suggestions???



  • Cut out sweets and junk food and drink loads and loads of water.

    Im gong to be doing this in the lead-up to my wedding as well, just in case the odd blemish was deciding to ruin my day image

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    Hi Annette,

    What a nightmare, I completely sympathise I have struggled with my skin for a few years now despite being ridiculously meticulous in my skincare.

    However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have recently bought a smoothie maker/juicer and my skin has got so much better. I am drinking loads of water as well and trying to cut down on alcohol but I know that the smoothies are doing the most good. I have been having carrot juice (great for the skin - betacarotene) every day and you can put it in the blender with a banana and mangos or whatever you like. They are so good for you and do wonders for the skin. Also try eating avocados and oily fish if you like that kind of food.

    Dont be scared to moisturise even if you do have oily skin, just get a natural one with lavender in as this is healing. Dry skin is more prone to infection and therefore spots.

    Phew there you go, that's everything I know! Good luck, I hope it helps and I hope you have a lovely day regardless. As long as you have a nice day no-one will notice a few blemishes image
  • I work for a chemist and have heard wonderful things about Freederm gel, it retails at £8.95 and tell him to use a medicated face wash instead of soap, you can get them for sensitive skins too.
  • Hi

    My h2b also has problems with his skin. He was recently advised it could be razor burn - if your h2bs skin is bad in areas of facial hair it could be infected in grown hairs. There are a few products around that help this - a good website is www.mankind.co.uk it is full of mens health products and they give advice too. We have been very happy with what we have bought from there. My h2b has being using a product called Tend skin whiich seems to have helped a lot. It has not fully gotten rid of all the spots but it has certainly cleared up a lot
  • It sounds really boring but ... eat healthily, lots of fish and fresh veg and have a religious skincare regime. I have found that for spots/acne dermologica is the best and you can get free samples from the internet just have a search.

    Other than that stop stressing about wedding stuff and have a night out together.

    Hope that helps. :\)
  • That sounds like what I have. I went to the doctor in the end and although he prescribed me different birth control which will help (not very useful for your h2b I know!!) he also put me on antibiotics called Doxycycline. I take one pill once a day. I've only been on them for a week and already the difference is amazing - my skin is clearing up beautifully, it feels softer, it's amazing.

    A moisturiser that was recommended to me that has also helped a lot is Sudocrem. It's nappy rash cream!! You can find it in the baby aisle and I know it sounds funny but it helps tremendously with the red blemishes. It's very thick so you only need a tiny bit at a time and it does make your face look a bit white until it's soaked in but I can't recommend it highly enough.

    I really think that because of the tight deadline, you should get h2b to a doctor for some antibiotics. They will clear up his skin much faster than anything else. Good luck!

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