Is anyone having more than one best man???

Is anyone having more than 1 Best Man??

My H2B is having 2, but he doesnt know how to split the responsibilities??

Can anyone help??



  • We're also having two best men - one is organised the other isn't. H2B is asking them both to organise the stag do together. The organised one will be responsible for rings and drafting the speech. The other will do a reading in church. Both will be reading a speech, but we are getting the organised one to make sure the other remembers to write something.
  • Hi

    My H2B has 3!!! - they are all his brothers as he didnt know who to choose - One will have the rings and sign the registar the other 2 are doing a joint speech xxxx
  • I was one of three best men at my pals wedding! To be honest, I wish he had just nominated one. To me the guy with the ring was the best man, end of story.
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    We had 2 best men - Mr S's brother and his best mate.

    To be honest his brother did most of the work and his best mate was about as much use as a chocolate teapot! His only real contribution to the day was commanding the Guard of Honour and part of the speech.

    It can be hard to divide the duties up, but it is your h2b's decision.
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    Hi there all

    We are having 2 best men! We also have one organised one and one useless one! We dont have the problem of the rings I dont think as we are having our pageboy have them on the ing pillow but come to think of it who will give them to him???? I have got no idea what h2b wants them to do??? and also which one do we have on the top table with us! I think we are going to have the unorganised one as the organised one has a little girl (our flowergirl) and his wife to sit with as she wont know anyone else!!

  • At the moment, it looks like we might not have one image

    We asked H2B's brother but he called on Sunday and said as he's starting a new job and now living in Devon (we live in Bedfordshire) he doesn't think he'll be able to carry out all the best man tasks before the day. Other than the stag, I didn't think there was anything the best man had to do before the day? I'm not sure, but I think he's trying to get out of it.

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    We had 2 bestmen. One did a speech and one didn't want to as he is quite shy. They both sat on the top table with me and my then h2b as h2b's parents have both passed away so I didn't feel comfortable with my parents sitting with us although he would have been fine with that.
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    My h2b is having one and I am having one! Only having one bridesmade, as my best mate is a guy, so I've decided that he wll be my best man! I couldn't not give him a role, he knows me better than anyone, not including h2b
  • my h2b wants 2 and I really disagree! they are both his brothers and he cant pick. One is great the other is a complete liability and doesnt even like me much! So I hope that one wont be doing the speech ...
  • My H2B is having he couldnt decide between two really close friends of ours and they both have different qualities so hopefully having two will mean we have everything covered xxxx
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    yes h2b is having 2! Couldnt decide, but he is letting them decide between them who is doing what! xx
  • Hi,

    Originally we only had one, H2B's best mate, but after some thought from him, (h2b) he decided he really wanted his brother in law (his sisters husband) to be best Man too as they are very close, like real brothers. he is now having 2 best men.

    I think his best mate will do the rings as he was originally chosen. They will both give a speech, and his BIL will handle the money (paying people, looking after gifts etc).

    Hope it works out! they are both great guys to be fair so I doubt they will feel jealous of each thers tasks.

    Good Luck

  • My H2B wants to, but I am unsure, Both men he has picked (his cousin and best mate) are extremly unorganised and forgetful. And they are already discussin strippers etc for the stag night. he also then wants all his other mates to be ushers. But thet are also forgetful, unorganised and can be rude. What should i do?
  • I'm not sure about this, my cousin had 2 and it did work out really well in the end although there was a lot of disagreement beforehand about it! But actually they both did a fantastic job on the day! xx
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    My h2b has chosen two. They have both organsied a stag do already! Been engaged 4months! Get married in July! Appart from that not really sure what else they should be doing! I am hoping at least one of them will do some kind of a speech but not sure.
  • Quoted:
    Is anyone having more than 1 Best Man??

    My H2B is having 2, but he doesnt know how to split the responsibilities??

    Can anyone help??


    We are as Dan's best friend is so nervous of giving a speach so he's doing all the best buddy type jobs and Dan's brother is giving the best mans speach x
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    Hey my h2b could not choose between my bro - they have been best mates since they were 9 and his two brothers . End of story - my bro is best man and his two bro's are chairmen !

    I have three bridesmaid - so it all works out !
  • we didnt have a 'best' anything as personally i dont like that term as we had the people in our wedding party who were special to us for different reasons and therefore couldnt give anyone a 'best' title. so hubby had 3 Groomsmen and i had 3 Bridesmaids! all of hubbys groomsmen gave a speech, slight chaos but fun!

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