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Wedding scent advice needed!

Please can anyone help....males and/or females advice needed regarding wedding day aftershave for my H2B. We went on a quest at the weekend to find a suitable fragrance that epitomised romance, love, desire etc, etc. However all I got was the usual boring, favourite and comfort zone smells!! LOL. I'm going for a new scent (am stuck as loved D&G the 1/ Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' and Armani 'Code') so that every time we smell it or I use it we get whisked back to our special day.

My H2B likes his usuals and if I buy it as a pressie at least he too can have a scent that connects to our wedding.

What do you suggest?? What smell do you lurve on your fella or ...your lady can't resist you in???

He did like Givenchy 'play'...which we've never heard of before. I'd have bought it then and there but didn't want to make him feel 'pressured'. ( I if's only aftershave..but as it's next month even the insignificant things can cause stress!!!)




  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    I love Clinique Happy for Men on my H2B x
  • Terre de Hermes all the way!!
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    I've just bought H2B the new Emporio Armani aftershave 'Diamonds' for Christmas. It's really nice, not too strong and kind of a wedding theme too...i.e. 'Diamonds' lol
  • YSL pour homme is gorgeous, yum!

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  • Polo black mmmmmmmm
  • I love Prada, h2b wears it and so does my dad, it is soooo nice
  • My h2b doesn't wear cologne/aftershave. He hates it and has only ever worn cologne once, on the night of his high school prom (like 20 years ago!) And he hated it so much that he never wore cologne again... I've known him for 4 years and I've tried to buy him cologne a few times but he just says not to bother cuz he'll never wear it. Him on the other hand loves his women subtly scented and because he travels a lot for business he always comes back with a bottle of something lovely, and now my dresser is overflowing with perfumes!!! It was a bit weird being with such a low maintenance guy at first because I come from a house full of metrosexual brothers lol. But now I'm used to his "smell" of dove soap and deo and HIM! Its a lovely fresh clean scent, every time I smell a bar of dove soap I get all fuzzy cuz it reminds me of h2b image

    As for me I'm wearing virgin island water by Creed, it's just a breathtaking scent. Lovely and soft!
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