maid of honour gift ideas

Hi. I'm getting married in 11 weeks and I'm having trouble deciding what to buy my maid of honour. She is my best friend and would like to get her something special that she can keep. Any ideas?:\?


  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    i am getting matron of honour and bridesmaids necklaces to wear on the day that i am personally choosing to suit their personality ( so not all getting same) they will be wedding colour,green.

    prehaps if she is your best friend,you could compile a book of photos of you too, it would take thought and time so would mean something.
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    necklace to wear on the day a good idea.i`ve got mine a gift box set from laura ashley of bath stuff,body lotion,body spray and glitter body dust - really pretty x
  • shelnpaulshelnpaul Posts: 126
    I am too stick for ideas for my best friend who is bridesmaid and my other two bridesmaids I want something very unique and special.x
  • Hi

    I think I will bet my BM's something from Swarovski as all there stuff is just lovely.

    I have also seen this little book. It is about kisses and is printed on lovely paper, found it on Cox & Cox web site.

    Just like the look of it, may even get one for little BM who will almost be 2!!!

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