Suit hire. youngs or debenhams??

We are looking to hire some suits for our wedding and have seen what we want in both youngs and debenhams. I have heard both good and bad things about both shops just wondered if anyone had any experiance with these shops. Particularly if you have been to the one's in the white rose in leeds as this is my local shop. thanks.


  • we to have looked at both so would be good to hear about them, i'm birmingham and oxford.
  • hi suzanne

    My H2B went to Youngs at White Rose last weekend. He said the guy he was seen by was fantastic. said he couldn't have been more helpful. image I was quite shocked when he came home and said he'd actually put the deposits down!

    If you order more than 4 the groom goes free!!

    My BILs also used Youngs for their Prom suits earlier this year and they were really good for them.

    Hope that helps.
  • Not sure if they supply youngs but etiquette formal hire supply debenhams, and a lot of the hire places in this country. You will hear good and bad of all places as its dependant on the salesperson AND th company, both can make mistakes. Tbh id go with whichever one has better choice/price and just make sure you leave lots of time for things to be returned and changed then any place should be fine. email me if you need anything. x
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    hi, i also dont know what to do about the suit hire,im trying to save a few £s.a local suit hire company has went in to early retirement,so he is selling his suits.he said i could have 5 mens prince edward suits&waistcoat&butterfly shirts for £435!to hire from my local shop its £350 should i buy & sell them on in ebay or hire??iv just seen that debnhams has the groom goes free!tha would be£265 but the store is 5o miles from me!!ahh HELP????
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