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Anyone had any luck with EVERTON FC?

Ive sent an email and got knocked back! image So so so sad and gutted!

has anyone had any luck with this team and how did you do it?

Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved!

Thank You. x;\)


  • MissscukMissscuk Posts: 199
    Yes, i sent an e-mail last August. We only got a really crappy card with a photocopied signature inside though.
  • Ummmm better than nothing! I was thinking of sending a card which they could sign, Who did you email/get in touch with? I sent an email and all i got back was no, only for charity or something. Not very helpful at all!

  • HI

    I sent in a req and received a congratulations telegram back signed by David Moyes. I am so chuffed and cannot wait to see my H2b face when the best man reads it out at the wedding.
  • who did you send this too? what address did you use? Did you send a card or something? furture mrs mc?
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