Where is your H2B going on his stag do??

I know i shouldn't interfere but if my H2B doesn't get his arse into gear soon he won't have a stag do!!

So just wondering where your hubbie to be is headed....


  • I've heard every destination in recent weeks and wil no doubt here more in future, not even marrying til 2010, men and stag do's lol
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    I'm not marrying till 2010 either and ive heard everything from glasgow to amsterdam to rio!!! Men, i told him he'll go down the town and like it ha ha x
  • We are getting married in april, H2b is having his stag at the end of January for various reasons! He is off for an over 18's disco weekend at butlins!
  • We get married in April n husband to be is going to Magaluf at the end of March
  • my h2b wants to go to prague some where like that.we are also getting married in 2010 but he has spoken about going everywhere.as soon as you say stag do you see there eyes light up.......men eh??
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    The most extreme suggestion I heard my H2B and Best Man mention was going to Prypiat, Ukraine. My H2B is right in to power stations etc so Chernobyl has kind of been of interest to him for a long time.

    Needless to say though, I did put my foot down. I'm not in to putting my neb in when it comes to the stag do, but made it clear I didn't want him to go there!

    So I think he's now having two stag do's, one in Newcastle, where the best mans from (with mates he used to work with) and one in Glasgow, with my dad, uncle cousin etc.

    Just making sure it's a different night to the hen night image and definitely several weeks before the wedding!
  • Mines having two i think, one golfing weekend one, and one clay pidgeon type one.
  • oh mine wants to go and play at the nurenburg ring - not sure how u spell it - on his motorbike for the weekend! he will love it! just so long as he is careful!!
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    Mines going to Blackpool for the weekend, bar crawl, restaurant and lap dancing club, bless them!!!

  • Hey

    We are not getting married til 2010 either but like most on this thread i have heard it all from Blackpool to Amsterdam to the moon!!

    I wanted to go abroad but H2B wasn't too pleased with that, just Magaluf or Dublin for 3 days or something so rest assured I will be hiding his passport so he can't sod off and do what he "preferred me not to" ha!

    I am now going to Liverpool...but like the men this is subjec to change

  • Mine is off to Edinburgh. Think he wanted to go to Amsterdam originally, but some of the guys either couldn't afford it, or he thought some of them would get so drunk that they would end up in a canal somewhere. So they are flying up Fri morn, come back Sun afternoon. Playing golf on the Saturday so that only gives them 2 nights to get into trouble.....

    Mine is a surprise but I know I need my passport! I wangled an extra night and we are not coming back until Monday. Purely because us ladies are so much more sensible..... image

  • Mine went to Budapest .

    Hooters and Shooters tour with Chillisauce tour firm.

    He had a good time and came back in one piece - albeit a bruise on his arm where the stripper whipped him- with his own belt! That'll learn him! ha ha ha ;\) image

    C x

    He ha

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  • Mine went to Newquay. Or Torquay.

    Something-quay, anyway.

    I think it was the same as a normal lads' night except he had 'STAG' written across his forehead and he got more kisses than he's ever had a on a night out. The photos are quite funny, he's such a knob, bless him image

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    We get married in March and h2b is off to Tenerife for 3 nights at end of Jan for deep-sea fishing, golf and drinking (obviously!).

    Then i go to Brighton for two nights the weekend after xx
  • Mine is going to liverpool.....on match day of course! lol he is a huge lfc fan, so footie, bar crawl, no doubt a lap dancing club and a stinky kebab to finish off! lol
  • Quoted:
    oh mine wants to go and play at the nurenburg ring - not sure how u spell it - on his motorbike for the weekend! he will love it! just so long as he is careful!!

    Nurburg Ring, but it is soo much fun!

    Me and Hubby go there a lot, the drive across Europe is a blast too.

    Its not as dangerous as it sounds, as long as he is careful like you say.

    Its the bikers that usually come a cropper unfortunately.

  • mine is off tonight we are getting married on monday, and they have gone to the grey hound racing

  • Mine's off to Magaluf for 4 nights in April. Las Vegas was the original choice so quite relieved! I went to Magaluf on a hen do and had a great time. Wherever he goes he'll be wrecked though...*sigh* boys!
  • My h2b doesn't want a stag do! What's wrong with him?
  • Quoted:
    My h2b doesn't want a stag do! What's wrong with him?

    Nothing, Dan's not bothered either. He's getting all his mates around and have a load of beer and curry back at ours.

    I;ve told him I won't come back until the house smells nice again x
  • Mine's going fishing - yes, you heard that correctly ladies! - fishing at "Angler's Paradise" no less in the rolling hills of Devon.

    He's a keen coarse fisherman, and looking forward to some time with his two BF and their rods, ahem, but I reckon he's secretly looking forward to a weekend in his old hood in London - Lewisham - going to the Fox and Firkin and getting wasted at The Venue in new cross. Reckon he'll enjoy both of them. He really wanted to go to Amsterdam, but his Best Man's girlfriend had banned him from going because of the prostitutes - which was wierd, I wasn't bothered at all, and it's his stag, but somehow she's managed to stick her oar in and now they're going fishing and London (as if there aren't prostitutes there..... dur!!)
  • My h2b wants to have his in Portsmouth as this is where he went to uni and i know he loves it down there! Either this or Amsterdam keeps popping up, but i would be much more happier with the first one if u know what i mean girls! Lol xxx
  • Quoted:
    My h2b doesn't want a stag do! What's wrong with him?

    My h2b doesn't want a stag do either. At first I thought the same thing 'what's wrong with him' but he has never been the type of bloke to go out and get wasted. I think he will probably end up going out with a few mates for a curry and a couple of drinks, but there is nothing planned at the moment.

    N x
  • mine went to greece sailing for a week - think the idea got a bit carried away with itself in terms of turning into a lads holiday but as there was only 6 of them it sounds like they had an amazing time! (i was v jealous. then again i went to barcelona for 4 days so really can't complain!)
  • My H2B is having two, he had the first one a couple of weeks ago, he went paintballing and then out on the town.

    The second is for the older generation, he's going for a curry and couple of pints in local town. x
  • Mines off to budapest.....Don't ask how they came up with that one?! Apparently there are about 20 of them going so God help budapest! x
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