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anyone know of a good book for helping groom with speech?


I thought I'd get my h2b a book as a stocking filler on groom's survival guide/tips for writing a speech etc - saw a few of amazon but wondered if anyone had any recommendations??

Was also thinking about getting best man, and dad a book to help them - so suggestions for these welcome too!




  • The confetti books are written very well, they may help. But i have to confess, the best help i got is from mags my fiance kept for me.
  • There is a book called: Me, make a speech. You can get it at! xxxx
  • Recommend the confetti ones, break down into sections and have alternate versions to suit the individual. As well as a B2B ne of my best male friends has asked me to be his Best Woman and I found the book very helpful. Covers all speeches for H2B and BM.
  • Definately recommend the Confetti ones. Bought it for h2b and he's now stopped panicking
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