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Wedding Congrats from Lee Evans!!

does anyone know of a contact address/number/anything! to get in contact with him?? My h2b is a massive fan and would really make his day to have a signed photo or something for his wedding prezzie!

Lauzy x


  • Hey, I've just looked him up on the net and the best I can that do is give you the address of his agency that youcan write to.

    Off The Kerb productions

    Hammer house 113-113 Wardour Street


    W1F OUN

    Tel:020 74370607.

    Hope this helps image
  • if you want to try more than one address here is the fan club address,

    Lee Evans

    The Lee Evans Fan Club

    PO Box 21042

    London, N1 1WZ


    there is a site called which y pay for (about $3) and you can find contact addresses for all kinds of famous people.
  • Fab idea lauzy, we went to see him at Sheffield Arena, it was brilliant!

  • I've seen him, he is fab! If you actually get a response let me know!
  • We went to see him at the 02 arena, he is brilliant! So funny! xxx
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