advic please suit hire company not passing on VAT cut?

Hi ladies im just after some advice,

i went into Greenwoods suit hire today to book the mens suits, h2b has choosen, i was told one month ago that if i paid all up front i would get a further 10% off the bill, which is alot off £500. the 10% is off each suit advertised in their brochure at £79 including VAT. So now that VAT has been cut by 2.5% this should be passed on to the customer also. i was told in the shop that the 10% off includes the VAT cut, i know this cant be right because they were offering 10% off before the VAT cut was announced. so really they are only giving 7.5% now? can they do this?

i tried to ring head office they said someone would call me back of course they havent.

i know its not alot of money but it all adds up and its the principle of it anyway.

thanks Toni xxx


  • joanna01ukjoanna01uk Posts: 1,093
    They don't have to pass on the VAT cut - it's all in the wording.

    If it says VAT inclusive/included they don't have to pass it on.

    If it says plus VAT they would have to charge it at the new rate.
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